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Two Nights of Sidewalk Astronomy

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  • Hazarry Haji Ali Ahmad
    [DSC01179.JPG] [DSC01183.JPG] Watch the edge-on ring of Saturn, the cloud
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2009
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      Watch the edge-on ring of Saturn, the cloud bands of the giant Jupiter, the lunar craters and other celestial wonders at our sidewalk astronomy sessions.

      Public members are invited to gaze the night sky for two nights:

      Date:           28th July 2009 (Tuesday) and 30th July 2009 (Thursday).
      Time:            From 5.30 p.m. onwards.
      Location:     The Yayasan SHHB Shopping Complex
      (Google Map Here)
      Organizer:  The Astronomical Society of Brunei Darussalam.
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