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snappy & bitchy

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  • Adry V
    It s Friday. The end of my second week. Randy said I m doing great. He s going to try to get me as many hours as I want. There s still a lot of training
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2002
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      It's Friday. The end of my second week. Randy said I'm 'doing great.'
      He's going to try to get me as many hours as I want. There's still a
      lot of training to do. I wonder how long it'll be before they find out
      I miscounted the cold packs & sent twice as many as ordered to
      who-knows-how-many clients. FNG.. That's what they call me. Fucking
      New Guy.

      Hey Jeff, any luck with that video card driver business? I've still
      got only 16 colors. Makes photo editing kind of impossible. All these
      pictures I've taken with the digital camera just sit on the hard drive
      unable to be manipulated because I can't see them. Wait, you said it's
      like 4 megs of stuff, didn't you? Well, I have that CD ROM drive now
      if you could tack it onto the end of one of the discs you've given me.
      I bet it doesn't work that way, huh?

      Okay, it's my weekend again. You won't hear from me for a couple of
      days. I'll be doing lots & lots of drinking. I've only got 5 bucks so
      I hope someone else can keep me in liquor until Monday, at which time I
      have to start worrying about eating again for that week before I get
      paid. No matter how much liquor I manage to get at a bargain it won't
      last through the night because I've unplugged my private bedroom fridge
      & Ivan & Stephanie will drink what I leave out there. They don't seem
      to have a heck of a lot of restraint when it comes to trying to not eat
      my food or whatever. Little punks go through more groceries than
      Doris' dog.

      It wasn't until yesterday that I wore a short-sleeved shirt to work. I
      wonder what they think of my stupid tattoo. Lots of forklift driving
      today. 25 pallets taken from here to another building around the
      corner. Stacked 'em three high. Wow, this is pretty tedious news. If
      I wasn't writing the moment I clocked out I would have other things on
      my mind. You understand.

      Oh, I know. I saw a most beautiful woman here today. She was driving
      the carpool that five or so of the ladies working here climbed into.
      She smiled at me when she saw me see her. I hope she gets out of the
      car one of these days. I hope she works here & I just haven't noticed
      her among the paper-hatted, short, Spanish-speaking women workers.

      You know I could go on like this until Dan's ready to leave. Instead
      I'll see if there's solitaire on this computer. Until Monday...



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