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332The Mink/Mank Family of Waldoboro ME

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  • mardilafamille
    Jul 26, 2012
      I was a little dismayed in joining the group to find that a few years have passed since the last genealogical postings, but hopefully some members still stop by to read new posts!

      My 2nd great-grandmother in my maternal line was Sabra Jane Mink (born in Waldoboro on 5 May 1809, died in Boston 7 Jul 1882), who married John Hoyt in Dorchester MA on 25 Apr 1841.  

      She was the daughter of Valentine Mink (1778-1832) and Mary Sargus/Sergus (1781-1850), both of Waldoboro.

      Valentine Mink's parents were Paul Mink (1753-1839) and Mary Elizabeth Gross (1748-   ), both of Waldoboro.

      I have written two blog posts on my personal genealogy website that may be of interest to any members researching the Mink/Mank family. 

      The first is about a document that is preserved at the National Archives which concerns Paul Mink's service in the Revolutionary War.  In 1832 Congress passed a resolution to provide pensions to Revolutionary War veterans.  Paul Mink appeared before the court in Waldoboro where he outlined his service, and in so doing gives a wonderful first person account of his participation in the Penobscot Expedition. 

      Other Waldoboro family names mentioned in the document are:  Benner, Boggs, Bornheimer, Keizer, Ludwig, Newbit, Overlock, Schenck, Ulmer, Winchenbach.

      I have provided a transcript of the document in my blog post which can be found here:  Paul Mink, Penobscot Expedition

      The second post is about Paul's son (and Sabra Mink's father) Valentine Mink, and the story of him as outlined in "History of Old Broad Bay and Waldoboro", by Jasper J. Stahl [1956].

      In the book Jasper Stahl writes of Valentine's violin (quite an engaging story it is!) and that as of the writing of his book, in 1956, Valentine's violin was then in the possession of Valentine's great-grandnephew, Merle Castner.  For the full story:  Uncle Faltin's Violin 

      I've been searching for many years in the hopes of locating his violin, which I'd love to see and photograph.  If any group members are from the Waldoboro area, and may have any information on the violin's whereabouts, I'd be very grateful for any leads. :)

      Best wishes,