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318Waldoboro Vital Records

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  • Richard D. Warner
    Feb 7, 2008

      To the Group,

      The following is a list of Waldoboro, Maine, vital records that I know to exist.  Only the first two should be considered reliable sources, the first as a primary source, and the second as a secondary source:

      “Original Records of Maine Towns and Cities, Town of Waldoboro, 1714-1892,” on CD-ROM contains scans in Adobe Acrobat PDF format of the microfilm of Waldoboro’s original records, Roll 605, on file at Maine State Archives in Augusta, Maine.  Like the microfilm, the Picton CD is comprised of the following records:  M, MI 1856-1891; B, D 1887-1888; TR, M, MI 1827-1850; TR, B, D, M 1735-1806; TR, B, M, MI 1757-1835; and B, D, M & Cemetery Records, 1714-1892 (Typescript).  Neither the microfilm nor the CD is indexed.  The following is a link to Picton’s web page that describes it: http://www.pictonpress.com/store/show/1465

      “Vital Records of Waldoboro, Maine: Maine Genealogical Society Special Publication No. 54,” compiled by Marlene A. Groves and edited by Diana Overlock Sewell, was published January 2008 by Picton Press, Rockland, Maine.  It contains information previously unavailable, such as: Waldoboro VR Volumes 4 and 6, some additional vital records, transcriptions of some family bibles, and records of Waldoboro's Congregational, Methodist-Episcopal, and First Baptist churches.  It is not a reprint of an existing title.  The following is a link to Picton's web page that describes it: http://www.pictonpress.com/store/show/3350

      On file at the Waldoboro Town Office, is the typescript, “Waldoboro Marriages, Deaths, and Births, 1714-1906,” a somewhat unreliable transcription of Waldoboro’s original records by Otto V. Hassner, Town Clerk (1918-1939).  This typescript is included on the microfilm at Maine Archives, and on Picton’s CD (see B, D, M & Cemetery Records, 1714-1892 (Typescript) above).  Because it contains many errors and incorrect transcriptions, it should not be relied upon as a primary source.  Note, however, some marriage records from 1850-1858 are found only in the typescript; they also found in the Additional Vital Records chapter in Groves’ “Vital Records of Waldoboro, Maine.

      "Waldoboro, Maine, Vital Records, 1773 to 1923, Marriages, Intentions, Births and Deaths, compiled from the originals by Mrs. Warren Colwell; compiled from her records by Mrs. Esther Gross, Waldoboro, Maine; compiled from the records of Mrs. Esther Gross by Georgiana Lilly & and Grace Blake Maxwell for Mary Kelton Dummer Chapter, D.A.R., Hallowell, Maine, 1949-1950,” Volumes 1 and 2.  These two typescript volumes can be found among the stacks (974.1 vW16 v.1 and 974.1 vW16 v.2) at the Maine State Library in Augusta, Maine.  They appear to be, as their titles proclaim, a copy of a copy of a copy, and should not be considered a reliable source.

      I hope this is helpful.


      Richard D. Warner
      249 Broadway
      Rockland, ME 04841
      (207) 594-5702
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