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  • fenchel387
    Feb 7, 2008
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      Mark, thanks for your very definitive response.

      First and foremost, I was not denigrating the work of Whitaker &
      Horlacher. I was only pointing out that errors do occur in
      researching our ancestors and, after corresponding with them, they

      Having traveled 3,000 miles to research my relatives only to be told
      by you that the town personnel didn't have the time to assist me just
      blows my mind. I came in September and virtually everything was shut
      down by then, but, Town Hall should have given me more direction.

      I have reviewed all the LDS records and have not found any
      significant data that was not already presented in the BBP book.

      Are you saying that I may find more data at the County and State
      level? If so, are any of these data accessible online?

      Finally, if you know any Procks or Wagners in the vicinity, please
      ask them to contact me. I am not out to claim their estates. I only
      wish to find my German roots.


      Ed Kelley

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      > Subject: [BroadBayMEGen] City, Town, County Records
      > I visited Waldoboro several years ago hoping to get information on
      > Prachts (now Procks) and Wagners. Town hall personnel told me
      > the records were lost in a fire many years ago.
      > My question is - were the town records deposited in the County or
      > State archives anytime before the fire?
      > Hi, Ed,
      > You've contacted me before on this issue. Good to know that someone
      out there is still working on these families!
      > Every town has had a devastating "fire"! Often, the case is the
      office personel can't be bothered, or simply just don't have the
      time, to paw through the old records. (They really ARE busy, you
      > The town DOES have the old books. I have used them on just a couple
      occasions years ago. They are old, original, fragile, and VERY
      valuable; meaning that if they disappeared they'd be gone forever.
      > The early days were not all inclusive; meaning much of the birth,
      deaths, and marriages were never originally recorded. Probably for
      several reasons; the doctors, ministers, and perhaps undertakers or
      family members never forwarded or had these events recorded by a town
      > What you see in the WALDOBORO VITAL RECORDS, by Esther Gross, the
      Lilly Post, et al, is pretty much what there is,... total. The state
      archives in Augusta has ALL this information too, on microfilm.
      > I have a copy of Broad Bay Pioneers but have found that there are
      > many errors and/or omissions, especially as they relate to the
      > Prachts and Wagners.
      > ALL genealogies and family histories have errors; even my published
      Benner book and undoubtaby my upcoming Waldoboro cemetery book.
      Jasper Stahl's book has errors! As for Broad Bay Pioneers, well, yes
      there are errors. Ultimately, I believe, it's up to the individual
      user who views and copies such information to verify that what he
      sees, copies, and uses is correct by verifying it with a primary or
      secondary source. And where would we be without those works? I praise
      the authors for that simply because of the dedication of time,
      effort, and expense they put into such a monumental task! Who ELSE
      would have eventually done it? Most likely no one! What really amazes
      me about those two authors is one has absolutely NO genealogical
      connection to New England at all and Wilford had a distant connection
      to the Hylers of, (I think), St.George/Cushing.
      > Over the years I have written to many of the Procks living in
      > Waldoboro but none of them has ever responded. Is there anyone in
      > town who can get them to write me?
      > I can not "get anyone" in the Prock family to write. The real fact
      of the matter is that many people don't know "where they came from"!
      I've met and talked to more Benners than probably any other Benner
      who has ever lived. A couple of them believed that their ancestors
      came to this area on one of those old shipwrecks, (cargo barges),
      that sat in Wicasset harbor these past fifty years! Few people out of
      the entire general population around here are genealogists of any
      degree. There are those who don't know who their grandparents names
      were, let alone actually met them!
      > I don't belive I've ever seen a Prock/Pracht family outline; it
      wouldn't be as volumous as the Benner, Genthner, or Winchenbach lines
      if there was one. There really aren't that many Procks buried here in
      > I am looking for information on John Frederick Pracht and Susanna
      > Wagner. Both names appear in Broad Bay Pioneers for a brief time
      > only. I believe that John Frederick joined the King's Rangers, a
      > loyalist unit, along with other Waldoboro youngsters and,
      > ended up in Prince Edward Island (PEI) where they were given land
      > grants. Other Waldoboro names that turn up in PEI are Eichhorn
      > (Acorn), Dockendorf and others.
      > Yes, and along with them a Sebastian Zuberbuler, a friend/business
      partner of Samuel Waldo.
      > Just a thought, but have you tried searching the master indexes at
      Lincoln County Registry of Deeds? You would be quite surprised but
      I've found information of genealogical value just studying and
      reading the old deeds. Family members are often listed as heirs,
      family cemetery plots on properties are noted, etc.
      > Any information would be very much appreciated. It's been a long
      > struggle to get any information on Waldoboro residents.
      > Edward Kelley
      > Los Altos, California
      > -mark benner-
      > benner3@...
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