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I see we all haven't shared calendars in awhile. Anyone up for sharing? Christmas is right around the corner anyone want to share ideas & calendars for
Nov 3, 2010

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Hello, my name is Gregg Perrah. I have an important message for you... Are you looking to make a little extra money on the side? Are you looking to make
Apr 14, 2010

anyone doing this yet>?

Use of Existing Staff as Paid Feeding Assistants Facilities may use their existing staff to assist eligible residents to eat and drink. These employees must
Jan 6, 2009

New Resource!

Hey everyone, I would like you to see our new resource, visit www.healthcaretrader.com. It is an auction site that we are trying to get all Activity Directors
Jan 15, 2007

Work at Home/ Member of BBB/ Daily pay with Benefits

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Dec 4, 2006

New Activity Forum

The brand new Activity-Pro (Your Activity Neighborhood) Forum is up and running! I thought that you may be interested in joining the new forum posted on our
Aug 9, 2006

Re: an introduction

I dunno.. my personal viewpoint is that as long as the elder *wants* to live, then we should help them do so. I'm pretty sure that when my grandparents decide
Rachel Herold
Aug 6, 2006

Re: an introduction

So, I’m on the phone to the hospital, and to Medicare, and on line to AARP and HAP and Humana and god’s nose who else. Worried about co-pays and
michael bulka
Aug 6, 2006

Environments for Aging

Hi everyone. I wanted you all to know about a conference I'm going to called Environments for Aging. The conference is all about the way cities are changing
Jul 20, 2006

Something realy good can come from something realy bad!

Gregg Perrah's 12th birthday is one he will never forget. It changed, and shaped his life forever. He was walking across the street with his best friend David.
Jul 12, 2006

Re: an introduction

Rachel - thanks for the support. If it's OK, I'd like to talk on the group - I'm sure we're not the only ones. I am working out some things. Like - he buys
michael bulka
Jul 12, 2006

Re: an introduction

hi michael. i'm in the same place you are. moved from seattle to take care of my grandparents. they still do most things (except driving) but with many
Rachel Herold
Jul 11, 2006

an introduction

From the spare postings, and their commercial nature, I feel I may not be in the right place. But, I may still connect with someone who was also misdirected.
michael bulka
Jul 11, 2006

help keep our seniors safe!

Would you know what to do if a loved one was having an emergency? What if you had a tool that could help prepare you, your friends, and your family to feel
Jun 28, 2006

Yahoo Mail Spam Warning

Hello, I thought all of you should know that the message sent before this one titled "graphic site" contains a worm that could attack your computer system. Do
Jun 13, 2006
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