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America's new political center

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  • jon louis mann
    *I don t remember the smell from unwashed hippies being all that sweet. Perhaps the author s
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2007

      *I don't remember the smell from unwashed hippies being all that
      sweet. Perhaps the author's perceptions were altered by other things
      he had previously inhaled . . . :P
      -- Ronn! :)

      Every generation has members who suffer from hydrophobia. It is also
      true that the baby boom generation has become more materialistic. We
      have rasied a generation that is even more self absorbed, apathetic and
      perhaps less determined to effect change. The summer of love lost its
      fervor as many so called hippies turned from peace, love and
      brotherhood to sex, drugs and rock & roll.
      Pragmatism continues to struggle with dogmatism, creating a new
      consensus of overlapping values. thesis, antithesis - synthesis. The
      free exchange of ideas is blossoming via talk radio and the Internet.
      There is a new electronic interface that is interactiv, challenging
      control of the medium of information dissemination, while changing the
      structure of social, economic, political, and religious institutions.
      So it goes...
      -- Jon!~)

      Knowledge is Power

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