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  • Deborah Harrell
    Remember the Guvernator in Kindergarden Cop moaning that theh eh *keeling* me! WRT the cute lil tots? Well, I m kinda feeling the same: six 6 year-olds
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 22, 2007
      Remember the Guvernator in "Kindergarden Cop" moaning
      that "theh'eh *keeling* me!" WRT the cute lil' tots?
      Well, I'm kinda feeling the same: six 6 year-olds and
      6 somewhat snarky horses for 2 hours a day...it's
      enough to send me home for a long nap afterward.
      Thank goodness for my teenage helpers, without whom
      I'd never get the kiddies mounted up. Not that the
      children aren't cute -- they are; but *dear heaven*
      what a job to keep them from running under a hunter's

      I survived the first 2 week session, and am off for
      another week; I hope to plow through email by next
      Fri, as I have an awful lot to respond to, and it
      looks like I'm missing out on some fun discussions

      who took Cezanne on her first trailered trail riding
      trip - and both passed with flying colors!

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