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Re: The Conversion of John C Wright

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  • William T Goodall
    ... You calling me a master baiter Charlie? ... Or the emerging Rabbi abuse scandal in New York. ... That s religion! -- William T Goodall Mail :
    Message 1 of 33 , Jan 5, 2007
      On 5 Jan 2007, at 03:21, Charlie Bell wrote:

      > On 05/01/2007, at 2:08 PM, Andrew Crystall wrote:
      >> On 5 Jan 2007 at 1:47, William T Goodall wrote:
      >>> Con men thrive like maggots in the filth of religion. Not to mention
      >>> the abusers, addicts, bullies and other low-lifes it attracts.
      >> As they do in new age cults, UFO cults, "anti-hate" groupd, or even
      >> your own faith.
      > Which have similarities in the way they operate. Apart from the
      > latter, which is a non-sequiter.
      >> You're certainly a bully and abuser.
      > He "certainly" isn't. Strident, forceful and rude, vicious in parody
      > and a baiter who goes far too far in getting his rise out of people.

      You calling me a master baiter Charlie?

      > You fall for it repeatedly and rise to it every time.
      >> The issue is not ideology, it is people. Trying to blame the front
      >> people use for their excesses rather than the people themselves is
      >> the typical tactic of the scaremonger and the demagogue.
      > It's both. When organisations protect those among their number (as
      > with the recent and ongoing Catholic Church abuse revelations),

      Or the emerging Rabbi abuse scandal in New York.

      > the
      > organisation and mind-set behind it is just as fair game as the
      > individual perpetrators. Individuals are wholly responsible for their
      > own actions, but any organisation or movement that protects the
      > guilty from justice and responsibility is just as guilty.

      That's religion!

      William T Goodall
      Mail : wtg@...
      Web : http://www.wtgab.demon.co.uk
      Blog : http://radio.weblogs.com/0111221/

      I ate the profiteroles, but I did not eat the tiramisu

    • Deborah Harrell
      ... ... And one by John Denver; I wish I were advanced enough in dressage to be able to ride a routine to that one. His spirit
      Message 33 of 33 , Jan 10, 2007
        > Klaus Stock <ks@...> wrote:

        > "I, who did not until that moment even believe the
        > word 'spirit' had any meaning" (JCW's words)

        <some snippage throughout>
        > In fact, 'spirit' has several meanings:
        > - breath
        > - courage
        > - ghost
        > - the B2 stealth bomber
        > - the MER-A mars rover
        > - the asteroid 37452
        > - an album by the band "Spirit", also an album by
        > Jewel, another one by Eluveitie
        > - a song by Faith No More

        And one by John Denver; I wish I were advanced enough
        in dressage to be able to ride a routine to that one.

        'His spirit joined and so was formed
        Ten thousand years ago
        Between the Swan and Hercules
        Where even dark clouds glow.
        To live with Grace, to ride the swell
        To yet be strong of Will
        To love the Wind, to learn her song
        And empty space to fill'

        > - a character from G.I.Joe, another character from
        > She-Ra, another on from Öban Star Racers

        And of course Spirit, Stallion of the Cimmeron.
        (I _did_ say I was in serious horse withdrawal, did I
        not? *3 weeks* without a ride!!!)

        > - alcohol, or...an alcoholic solution of a (medical)
        > drug
        > - enthusiasm
        > - intent, purpose
        > Yup, and also 'soul'. Plus a part of the Holy
        > Trinity. Almost forgot this one :-)

        Heretic Lutheran Gaian Deist Maru ;)
        "And Allah took a handful of South Wind, saying, 'I
        will of thee a creature: condense thyself!"

        Do you Yahoo!?
        Everyone is raving about the all-new Yahoo! Mail beta.
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