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Re: Study: Cell-Phone Radiation Affects/ Ten Year Anniversary/Nesty birds

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      Subject: Re: Study: Cell-Phone Radiation Affects/ Ten Year Anniversary/Nesty birds

      Dr Bob Wrote:

      > I am just very skeptical of all this. The radiation from a cell phone is very
      > weak and it has to penetrate the skin skull (some of us have thicker skulls
      > than others).

      Does this mean I can tell my daughter that well-known Cornell Radiologist is
      skeptical that her Bluetooth enabled headset will cause brain damage?? She
      sometimes listens to her alternative care providers a little too much.
      Sheesh! She has a bachelors in biology -- you think she'd know how to read
      the research, eh?

      Skepticsm is the key. That does not mean that some effects are not possible but with something like this you \
      need to look at the physics to understand whether there is enough energy to due harm to cells. I don't think
      so but if someone can show a way for this to happen then so be it. It is kind of the same with all
      sorts of paranormal phenomena. The physicist who wrote "The Physics of Star Trek" (Krauss I think) pointed out
      that teleportation requires the outlay of energy. Whether you pick up a chair with your hands or your mind
      you have to use a certain amount of kinetic energy to lift the chair against gravity. This energy is converted
      into potential energy. If you lifted a chair with your mind you have still created the same potential
      energy (if you drop the chair it falls and crashes) and therefore since there must be conservation of
      energy telekinesis must use energy. This should be measurable and there should be brain structures that
      do the work. I think the same sort of reasoning must make us skeptical of cell phone causing damage.
      And thanks, Steve, for re-publishing that early stuff. It's nice to read
      what we used to talk about. Wasn't Stuart in med school? He's probably a
      specialist in something by now. I was a later joiner, July of '96 I think.

      My advice for the nesty birds would be to wear protective gear or get your
      mail at night! You gotta love the tenacity of the little imps, though!
      Would you attack a giant who got close to your nest?


      Jo Anne

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