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Re: Article: Software tracks mood swings of blogosphere

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  • Dave Land
    ... We lefties have suffered enough. Dave Sinister my achin ass Land _______________________________________________
    Message 1 of 18 , Apr 25, 2006
      On Apr 25, 2006, at 7:46 AM, Klaus Stock wrote:

      >>>>>>> People blame communication issues on Mercury being retrograde.
      >>>>>> And they're stupid or ignorant people. FFS.
      >>>>> I just don't get the whole astrology thing. It makes absolutely
      >>>>> no sense when you consider the pairs of identical twins that
      >>>>> were born within minutes of each other and then went on to have
      >>>>> very wildly diverging lives.
      >>>> That's chaos theory. ;)
      >>> Oh, I got an explanation on the twin thing just now -- in the case
      >>> of twins, half the chart applies to one, the other half of the
      >>> chart applies to the other. *eyeroll*
      >> Charts have halves? How do you know which half is which?
      > Easy. One child is left-handed, so it belong to the left chart
      > side. The
      > other one is right-handed. Obvious.
      > If both children happen to be right-handed, it because one child's
      > natural
      > left-handedness was supressed by the establishment.

      We lefties have suffered enough.

      Dave "Sinister my achin' ass" Land

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