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RE: platforms in canada (was :Media Myth - Guns Are Always Bad for Us)

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  • Nick Lidster
    ... case. I doubt it seems that way to those who believe that all guns are e—ee—eee—vil . . . --Ronn! :) Since I was a small boy, two states have been
    Message 1 of 9 , Jan 1, 2006
      >Sounds like the conservatives have the more practical solution in this

      I doubt it seems that way to those who believe
      that all guns are e—ee—eee—vil . . .

      --Ronn! :)

      "Since I was a small boy, two states have been
      added to our country and two words have been
      added to the pledge of Allegiance... UNDER
      GOD. Wouldn't it be a pity if someone said that
      is a prayer and that would be eliminated from schools too?"
      -- Red Skelton

      (Someone asked me to change my .sig quote back, so I did.)


      I agree the Cons def have the more practical solution in this case and in
      most cases their platform does seem more piratical then that of the
      "fiberals" and the NDP (new democratic party).

      Here are the liberal and conservative platforms for the upcoming election:



      Our economy:

      Following a strategy of balanced tax cuts, social spending and debt
      repayment, the Liberal government has invested in our social foundations and
      moved us towards a green economy and sustainable communities while enabling
      us to overcome a challenging deficit. More..

      Cities and communities:

      Canada’s cities and communities are where we truly experience what it means
      to be Canadian. Paul Martin and the Liberal government understand this and
      have committed a great deal to improving where we live and raise our
      children. We also know that cities propel economic growth, employment and
      innovation. They are at the center of our country’s success. More...

      Our families:

      Giving families a helping hand, at all stages of life, is an important part
      of creating a society of which we can all be proud. Paul Martin and the
      Liberal government strive to treat every Canadian family with dignity and
      respect. From our children to our seniors, we are committed to promoting
      initiatives that reflect everyone’s needs. More...

      Canada in the world:

      Whether it is through international aid, peacekeeping, trade or security,
      the Liberal government is committed to ensuring Canada's continued role of
      pride and influence in the world.
      More... <http://www.liberal.ca/issue_e.aspx?itype=62>

      Our environment:

      Like the majority of Canadians, Prime Minister Paul Martin and the Liberal
      government believe that a smart environmental policy is vital to our
      continued success as a nation. We recognize the importance of continuing to
      make investments to protect and preserve our rich inheritance of land, water
      and wildlife.
      More... <http://www.liberal.ca/issue_e.aspx?itype=63>

      Universal health care:

      The Liberal government is committed to upholding the Canada Health Act and
      protecting our national, universal health care system. We will ensure that
      our health care system will continue to be there when Canadians need it, no
      matter where they live, and no matter what their income.
      More... <http://www.liberal.ca/issue_e.aspx?itype=66>



      The Choice:

      The time for accountability has arrived.

      On January 23rd, Canadians will finally be able to hold the Liberals
      accountable. Accountable for the stolen money; accountable for the broken
      trust; accountable for all that did not get done because this government has
      been totally preoccupied with damage control; lurching from one scandal to
      another; always trying to avoid the people’s verdict.

      Stand Up for Accountability:

      Let’s clean up government

      Canadians have been let down by 12 years of Liberal scandal. We need a
      change in government to restore accountability and end the culture of
      entitlement. Canadians must be able to trust our government and know that
      our tax dollars are well spent.

      Stand Up for Opportunity:

      Let’s cut taxes

      Canadians are working longer and longer hours but finding it harder and
      harder to get ahead.

      A new government must create more opportunity for individuals, families, and
      small businesses to get ahead. Under the Liberals, high taxes and red tape
      have held back growth and prosperity. A new government must reduce taxes on
      middle-class families starting with the GST, lower taxes on small business,
      and help our farmers and resource industries to compete in the world.

      Stand Up for Security:

      Let’s crack down on crime

      Under the Liberals, gun, drug, and gang crime has increased and border,
      port, and airport security has been soft. A new government must toughen
      criminal justice, impose mandatory minimum sentences for serious crimes, and
      strengthen our border security.

      Stand Up for Our Communities:

      Let’s build better roads and transit and keep our environment clean

      The strength of Canada is our people and our communities. Sadly, the
      Liberals have ignored the role of government in building strong communities.
      A new government must invest more money in better roads and infrastructure,
      a strong immigration system that meets our economic needs and helps
      families, and a clean and healthy environment.

      Stand Up for Canada:

      Let’s keep Canada strong and united

      Canada needs a government that will stand up for our values of freedom,
      fairness, and compassion. That means a democratic government at home that
      respects all of our provinces, and defending our national interests and
      values abroad through a stronger military and a tougher stand on
      international trade disputes.

      Ok well after going through both platforms again I have noticed that for as
      much talk that they have done on the military its not a key issue for
      conservatives. So ill do a little section on military issues.

      A little background first. With last years budget the Canadian military
      spending would approach 20 billion roughly 1.6% GDP. Amounts that have been
      suggested by senate committees and outside think tanks both look to an
      increase to a min of 1.8% -2.0% GDP. Current levels of spending are approx
      10-11 billion (9.82 billion budgeted several hundred million per branch
      overage spending). The Cons had also announced that they would fund the
      Forces to increase over the current increase of 8000 by another 5-75,000
      person over then next 10years. For a nation of 33 mil a army reg-force of
      33k is not very big at all, and this expansion would bring us back up to our
      post cold war strength during the early 90's.



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