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  • d.brin
    A few announcements. 1. A new program - AMAZON SHORTS (www.amazon.com/shorts) - will be offering a number of my new essays, articles and short
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
      A few announcements.

      1. A new program - <b>AMAZON SHORTS</b> (www.amazon.com/shorts) -
      will be offering a number of my new <b>essays, articles and short
      stories</b> for handy download, just like iPod music files. This
      starts <i>now</i> in the <b>nonfiction category,</b> with my essay on
      "<i>The Power of Proxy Activism." </i> Soon to follow: an article
      about the Mississippi River's struggles to free itself from human
      control, then another about a looming power struggle between citizens
      and the skilled professionals who are paid to protect us. I also
      hope to serialize a short novel!

      Yes, some of these were tested-critiqued here on this blog. (Don't
      tell anybody! ;-) Anyway, I could use numbers, in order to impress
      Amazon, so spread the word. Do jot on your calendar to drop by Amazon
      Shorts every month or two and see what's up. Give this convenient new
      medium a try.

      <i>(I'm donating my own proceeds from several of these articles to
      worthy causes like Project Witness and the Electronic Frontier

      2. Long time editor, publisher and sci fi impresario Jim Baen has
      decided to try the experiment of launching a major <i>online science
      fiction magazine,</i> to see if that might provide an avenue to
      circumvent the factors that have been pretty much crushing the life
      out of short fiction in SF for several decades now. The title of the
      magazine will be <b>Baen's Astounding Stories. </b> He asked Eric
      Flint to be the editor of the magazine, along with David Drake and
      Sarah Hoyt. A goal is to recreate the kind of magazines that
      /Astounding/Analog /and
      /Galaxy /were in the 40s, 50s and 60s.

      <I>Watch for it to come out with a splash <b>in June!</b> Do help
      spread the word.</I> (I am personally hopeful that it will help
      dispel the mood of stylish hopelessness and anti-progress despair
      that some - especially Gardner Dozois - relentlessly injected into
      our field across the last 20 years.)

      3. <b>Announcing the latest book from David BrinŠ.</b>

      Quick! Run for your lives and buyŠ. <b>King Kong Is Back! : An
      Unauthorized Look at One Humongous Ape! edited by David Brin.</b>

      Just see what one perceptive reviewer saysŠ

      Review by Lee Gilliland
      Benbella Books Paperback: ISBN 1932100644 (Smart Pop series)
      Date: 28 November, 2005 List Price $17.95

      <I>King Kong has been a part of the collective unconscious since the
      first film. In remake after remake the audience returns. King Kong Is
      Back! by David Brin takes a look at what makes the big ape so
      appealing. Our reviewer Lee Gililand takes a look at the book.

      One of the delightful things about the upcoming King Kong remake is
      we get a treat such as David Brin has worked up in King Kong is
      Back!. More than just a collection of short stories, we have
      reminiscences by James Gunn in "King Kong and 1930s Science Fiction",
      a very funny essay by Bruce Bethke on why KK must always be a period
      piece, an extremely informative piece by Bob Eggleton on how the film
      was animated, an absolutely HYSTERICAL send-up on all those silly
      behind-the-scenes-in-Hollywood PR fluff pieces by David Gerrold
      entitled "King Kong, Behind the Scenes"...and I could go on like this
      the entire review.

      Brin has carefully crafted the book so that you have a nice rhythm
      going, well-paced in its continuity and imaginative in its order, so
      that the book can readily be absorbed in its entirety in one sitting,
      or you can just nibble on it one piece at a time. I found this
      collection an absolute delight and recommend it highly to any and all
      who love Kong in all his permutations.</I>

      See? Some reviewers have class. Get this book and be glad you did! ;-)
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