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Re: Spielberg's Next Movie

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  • Gary Denton
    ... ... I would be interested in seeing this. Tonight at dinner I was talking to two people who both said they could not watch *Schindler s List*. One
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 3, 2005
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      On 7/2/05, Robert G. Seeberger <rceeberger@...> wrote:
      > http://www.nytimes.com/2005/07/01/movies/01spie.html?oref=login
      > In the statement, Mr. Spielberg called the Munich attack - which was
      > carried out by Black September, an arm of the P.L.O.'s Fatah
      > organization - and the Israeli response "a defining moment in the
      > modern history of the Middle East."
      > Mr. Spielberg's interest in the question of a civilized nation's
      > proper response to terrorism deepened, aides said, after the 9/11
      > attacks, as Americans were grappling for the first time with similar
      > issues - for instance, in each new lethal strike on a suspected
      > terrorist leader by a C.I.A. Predator drone aircraft. In Mr. Kushner's
      > script, people who have read it say, the Israeli assassins find
      > themselves struggling to understand how their targets were chosen,
      > whether they belonged on the hit list and, eventually, what, if
      > anything, their killing would accomplish.
      > "What comes through here is the human dimension," said Mr. Ross,
      > formerly the Middle East envoy for Mr. Clinton, who has advised the
      > filmmakers on the screenplay and helped Mr. Spielberg reach out to
      > officials in the region. "You're contending with an enormously
      > difficult set of challenges when you have to respond to a horrific act
      > of terror. Not to respond sends a signal that actions are rewarded and
      > the perpetrators can get away with it. But you have to take into
      > account that your response may not achieve what you wish to achieve,
      > and that it may have consequences for people in the mission."
      I would be interested in seeing this. Tonight at dinner I was talking
      to two people who both said they could not watch *Schindler's List*.
      One said it was too much a documentary of a horror she didn't want to
      see. The other said much the same thing in a more personal way - his
      grandparents met when his grandfather escaped a Franco concentration
      camp. the remaining inmates were transported away the next day and
      never seen again.

      Strange how much topics that begin with *War of the Worlds* and
      *Batman Begins* can veer, we ended by talking about how to stop a
      street project by harassing the government with temporary injunctions
      and how much you could do it without a lawyer.

      Gary Denton
      http://www.apollocon.org June 24-26

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