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A defection from the Wall Street Journal

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  • d.brin
    A Major Supply-Sider Defects... Former chief editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal and one of the architects of Ronald Reagan s supply side economics
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31 8:37 PM
      A Major Supply-Sider Defects...
      Former chief editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal and one of
      the architects of Ronald Reagan's "supply side economics" - Jude
      Wanniski - has written a passionate letter explaining his
      enthusiastic support for Senator Kerry... while at the same time
      intending to continue voting for other Republicans.

      See this piece from Wanniski explaining his endorsement of Kerry in
      this election:


      "There are a lot of little reasons why I should be voting for the
      re-election of President Bush, for whom I gladly cast my vote in
      2000. The one big reason why I will vote for Senator Kerry next
      Tuesday is that he is an internationalist, as am I, and Mr. Bush has
      become an imperialist - one whose decisions as Commander-in-chief
      have made the world a more dangerous place. Until this week, while I
      had privately decided to vote for Kerry, I had not planned to share
      that news with you until after Election Day. But I have been getting
      lots of mail from website fans urging me to vote for Kerry, or to
      help them decide between Kerry and Nader. Or from my Wall Street
      clients urging me to vote for Bush for all the little reasons -
      economic, social or political - of the kind that led me to the
      Republican Party in 1968 after my early adult years as a Democrat."

      And the stack of defections grows. With the exception of a screeching
      Zell Miller, can you find any going the other way? Is it possible
      these intelligent and sincere conservatives have noticed something
      really rotten in the State?

      It is late in the game to hope to convert any more undecideds. All I
      can do is offer up again my two "big salvoes", in case any of you out
      there know any wavering moderates.

      about this administration's destruction of our world leadership:

      about the "neoconservative" cult:

      I am growing increasingly optimistic. Soon we will be able to tell
      the world: "See? We recognized monsters and got rid of them. We are
      back in the community of nations. We are ready again to LEAD the
      community of nations."

      Oh, and we'll be able to add (truthfully!):

      "Most of us voted against him in the first place!"

      I expect people around the world will accept this truth and cut us
      some slack for the temporary takeover of our government by maniacs.
      After all, when THEIR countries were run by monsters, the effects
      were often far, far worse.

      It will be nice to be trusted again with the leadership of Western
      Civilization. I still believe we're the nation best qualified to do
      the job.
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