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RE: Land Wars, Revenge of the Director

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  • Dan Minette
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      On May 15, 2012, at 9:16 AM, Dan Minette wrote:

      > http://m.movies.com/movie-news/george-lucas-grady-ranch/7883

      >When I saw that story yesterday, I was impressed with Lucas and told
      >some other folks about it. Then I thought about it a little more and
      >wondered why I was cheering revenge-seeking. It left me conflicted.

      >I still am. If he's just using the future residents of the planned
      >housing project as pawns to attack his snotty neighbors, then he is no
      >better than they are. If his intent is to make Lucas Valley a better,
      >more equitable place and to provide for the needs of under- served
      >residents, then more power to him.

      I sorta put it in between that. Let's say he thought his studio was a
      reasonable addition to the land and that his neighbors were probably really
      being snooty, and just wanted other rich people there.

      So, he would test that attitude with affordable, lower income housing. If
      the opposition was honestly a matter of keeping the neighborhood
      residential, then most folks would go along, and he'd have an easy
      out....well I thought it should be able to have the studio, but I'm glad we
      agreed on affordable housing. He saves face, the neighbors look good, and
      there is more affordable housing...a win-win-win.

      If they fight that tooth and nail, then he will have exposed an example of
      one of the prime causes for the cost of housing in California. Those with
      money and influence are using laws to keep out affordable housing, while
      approving expensive housing. He will be doing a public service by showing
      the hypocrisy. This isn't the best outcome, but it is a plus outcome.

      So, either way, he would be doing a public service. Perhaps he has selfish
      ends in doing so; perhaps altruistic, most likely somewhere in between.
      But, I think if the neighbors go along, the public good is served by
      affordable housing. If they fight it tooth and nail, then a misuse of laws
      to prevent affordable housing has been exposed to the national media.
      Either way, it's a plus for improving the affordability of housing in

      Dan M.

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