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  • Alberto Monteiro
    ... Yes, I am a hater of censorship. But it s not fun to get _here_ and distill hate against Iran s or China s censorship. Alberto Monteiro
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 8, 2010
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      Jon Louis Mann wrote:
      > > Try replacing "breastfeeding" with something else, like
      > > "Hammer and Sickle" or "cleft lip". They shouldn't be
      > > allowed to censor and criminalize something that is
      > > not criminal. If they want to censor images of people
      > > smoking marijuana, or images of children with guns
      > > (and I bet they don't attack those images with the
      > > fury they attack breastfeeding, but I may be wrong),
      > > then it's ok, but there's no ethical reason to
      > > criminalize breastfeeding.
      > Alberto, I'm curious why you feel so strongly about
      > breastfeeding pictures being forbidden on Facebook.
      > Until now I was not even aware nor cared. To ban
      > breastfeeding in public places is more controversial.
      > Were you a bottle baby and that explains your obsession,
      > or are you just objecting to censorship?~)
      Yes, I am a hater of censorship. But it's not fun
      to get _here_ and distill hate against Iran's or China's

      Alberto Monteiro

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