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Re: Google Operating System

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  • Bruce Bostwick
    ... Since it s pretty clear that Chrome OS is going to be built on a Linux distro of some form or another (not sure which one, or whether they plan to fork an
    Message 1 of 32 , Jul 9, 2009
      On Jul 9, 2009, at 9:11 AM, Mauro Diotallevi wrote:

      >> http://fakesteve.blogspot.com/2009/07/lets-all-take-deep-breath-and-get-some.html
      >> It's brilliant start to finish, but I especially liked:
      >> Trying to make an OS out of Chrome is like saying you're going
      >> to turn a Pontiac Aztek into a stretch limousine. I suppose it
      >> could be done, but why?
      > Because if competition is good, more competition is better?
      > I use MacOS, three different flavors of Linux, and a couple of
      > different versions of Windows, depending on whether I'm at work (and
      > if so, at which computer), or at home, or out and about with my wife's
      > laptop, and depending on exactly what I'm doing at the time (I have
      > some old games that only run error-free on Windows ME, if you can
      > believe it). I like what Google did to e-mail with GMail, and expect
      > that they might have some new bright ideas to bring to the table in
      > terms of operating systems.

      Since it's pretty clear that Chrome OS is going to be built on a Linux
      distro of some form or another (not sure which one, or whether they
      plan to fork an existing distro into their own development track like
      Darwin was forked from FreeBSD), Google's part of the job is mainly
      going to be the GUI. If they make it better than Gnome or KDE or X11,
      they'll probably at least be able to get a foothold in the market.

      But Google does GUI's well. I'm kind of curious to see what they do
      with this. :)

      (As far as why .. well, it's possible that Google has taken notice
      that Microsoft has been promoting Bing pretty heavily, and this is a
      shot across their bow. If Chrome OS succeeds, and evolves into
      something that can displace Windows as a full-functioning OS, there's
      a possibility that Microsoft has bitten off more than it can chew in
      picking this particular fight. If Google is successful enough with
      this, it may finally push MS into a position where it has little
      choice but to migrate to a Unix-based core and GUI model like
      *everyone* else in the market. At a time not of their choosing,
      unlike Apple's beautifully timed migration from OS 9 to OS X.)

      "When you mention that we want five debates, say what they are: one on
      the economy, one on foreign policy, with another on global threats and
      national security, one on the environment, and one on strengthening
      family life, which would include health care, education, and
      retirement. I also think there should be one on parts of speech and
      sentence structure. And one on fractions." -- Toby Ziegler

    • Julia
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        Julia wrote:


        I get no more than 1 in 500 false positives.

        I get no more than 1 in 1000 false negatives.

        It was more than that early on in my use of Gmail, I got one account in
        2004, IIRC, and another in 2007.  The more recent one, most of the false
        positives were from one mailing list which is now defunct (as it has been
        replaced with a system that works better for most of the people involved
        than that mailing list ever did).

        Hi Julia, good to hear from you.  

        Do you use labels (filters) extensively?  I've got about 13 labels some of which use a dozen or more filters.  I skip the in box on labeled mail.
        I use labels & filters extensively; there's two things at the moment, I think, that I ought to create filters/labels for but haven't gotten around to yet.  :)  (When I stopped being able to access 3jane.net, I switched a bunch of Yahoo subscriptions over to Gmail, and at least one of the relatively low-traffic lists isn't labeled/filtered yet, and I don't know if that list is going to exist in 3 weeks, even, so I'm not bothering at the moment.)
        I keep stuff in the inbox until I've read it, then archive.
        I've had problems on 1 list with the spam filter grabbing about 1 out of every 2000 messages and throwing it into the spambox.  (I *think* that's about right -- Bruce, this is -chat, and it happens once every other month or so.  Am I lowballing the number of messages the 1 is coming out of too badly?)
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