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98684Re: Bacteria evolve; Conservapedia demands recount

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  • Alberto Monteiro
    Jul 1, 2008
      David Hobby wrote:
      > A lot of people don't like imaginary numbers, so that would
      > be popular. I don't think it says in the Bible that sqrt(2)
      > is rational, so they'd probably let it stay irrational. : )
      I guess the only vaguely math related topic in the Bible
      is the approximation pi ~ 3.

      >> Conservapedia is quite poor in Math articles.
      > Hence the question: How blatantly can they steal content
      > they want from other sources, just slapping it on their
      > site? It seems their best chance of getting comprehensive
      > coverage.
      If you consider that Wikipedia's math content was stolen
      from Eric W. Weisstein's MathWorld, who, in his turn, also
      stole from voluntary contributions, then I think it's fine.

      Alberto Monteiro

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