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98680Re: Bacteria evolve; Conservapedia demands recount

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  • David Hobby
    Jul 1, 2008
      Alberto Monteiro wrote:
      >> There are some thorny problems for religious fundamentalists,
      >> even in mathematics. The only safe thing to do might be to
      >> have a completely finitary mathematics, making no assumptions
      >> about infinite objects whatsoever.
      > Maybe a conservative math should ban all things that come
      > from Satan, like those evil imaginary numbers or even the
      > blasphemous sqrt(2). If the Creator can make sqrt(2) rational,
      > who is Man to deny it?


      A lot of people don't like imaginary numbers, so that would
      be popular. I don't think it says in the Bible that sqrt(2)
      is rational, so they'd probably let it stay irrational. : )

      > Conservapedia is quite poor in Math articles.

      Hence the question: How blatantly can they steal content
      they want from other sources, just slapping it on their
      site? It seems their best chance of getting comprehensive

      > OTOH, maybe a conservative math would be comfortable with an
      > absolute universal set...

      Good plan, but this would be "God's Set", where our rules
      did not apply. You wouldn't want Russell's Paradox, where
      you have to decide whether or not the "set of all sets
      which are not members of themselves" is a member of itself.

      Or would they care? I've never even heard a good answer to
      "Can God make a rock he cannot lift?"


      Omnipotent, and Omniscient, and Caring, and... Maru
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