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94252Re: What science fiction writer are you?

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  • Deborah Harrell
    Feb 12, 2007
      I didn't _think_ that I hit send twice... <sigh>

      >Deborah Harrell <harrellmedleg@...> wrote:

      > Debbi
      > Delighted To Even Be Able To Handwalk The Horses -
      > Finally! Maru :)

      Darby morphed into a studhorse: half-rearing, prancing
      about, tail high-flagged, and roller-snorting. You'd
      never guess he was 26 years old - sheesh! It's still
      not safe to ride on the canal trail - too much snow
      and ice - but maybe in a week or two, Lawd willin' an'
      the jet stream don't dip. ;)

      who still hasn't ridden since before Christmas, for
      goodness sake (although one shouldn't complain,
      considering the upstate N'Yawkers with over 100 inches
      of recent snow)

      Finding fabulous fares is fun.
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