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94244Re: What science fiction writer are you?

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  • Deborah Harrell
    Feb 9, 2007
      > Doug <brighto@...> wrote:
      > >Charlie Bell wrote:
      > >> Doug wrote:
      > >>>Charlie wrote:

      <some snippage>
      > >>> Yeah. Claire said that Glory Season pisses her
      > off 'cause Brin comes
      > >>> across as badly sexist. I don't see it, but I
      > >>> guess that's the point...

      > >> What's her rational[e]?

      > > I don't know..."No, I've
      > > read it and it pissed me off, Brin seems to be
      > >really sexist and
      > > think women are inferior and ...it's just the way
      > > he writes women."

      > > So, using my female-male dictionary, I have no
      > >idea really. She likes Banks a lot though.

      > I was curious because I remember Brin being pissed
      > off because someone else (a feminist organization I
      > think) had a similar reaction. I'm pretty sure he
      > considers himself a feminist and Glory Season to be
      > pro-feminist.
      > I read the book some ten years ago and don't
      > remember that much about it.

      I also read it ~ 12 yrs ago, and I didn't care for it;
      I don't recall thinking it sexist, exactly, but *I*
      wouldn't want to live in such a world. I actually
      resold the book (unlike all the Uplift novels, which I
      got in hardcover b/c I enjoy them so much). I do
      think his female Uplift characters are very
      well-drawn, and I can relate to how most of them feel
      and behave. Now I shall have to reread GS, and see
      what it was that annoyed me...

      More books: I finished _Remember Phlebas_#, and while
      I enjoyed the culure-building very much (and see
      parallels to some of today's mess), I hated to see
      some of the main protagonists die before getting a
      decent chance at redemption. Also, I didn't think his
      women as multi-faceted as Brin's, but to be fair I
      judge a book quite heavily on whether I like (or can
      relate to) major characters.

      The women in the Duneverse seem less than
      three-dimentional as well, overly preoccupied with
      pleasing a man, duping a man, or grasping at power by
      using men. I did find returning there interesting
      enough to plan to read the next in the
      Herbert/Anderson prequel series - just turned _House
      Atriedes_ (sp?) back in.

      # There But For The Grace Of God Go I Maru

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