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94207Re: What science fiction writer are you?

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  • Doug
    Feb 2, 2007
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      On Thu, 01 Feb 2007 05:26:50 -0800, Charlie Bell <charlie@...> wrote:

      > On 01/02/2007, at 3:40 PM, Doug wrote:
      >>> Yeah. Claire said that Glory Season pisses her off 'cause Brin comes
      >>> across as badly sexist. I don't see it, but I guess that's the
      >>> point...
      >> What's her rational?
      > Assuming you meant rationale, um.

      Yep, sorry.

      I don't know. That's just what she
      > said when I waved it at her and said she might like it. "No, I've
      > read it and it pissed me off, Brin seems to be really sexist and
      > think women are inferior and it's more than the world-building,
      > that's cool, it's just the way he writes women."
      > So, using my female-male dictionary, I have no idea really. She likes
      > Banks a lot though.

      I was curious because I remember Brin being pissed off because someone else (a feminist organization I think) had a similar reaction. I'm pretty sure he considers himself a feminist and Glory Season to be pro-feminist.

      I read the book some ten years ago and don't remember that much about it.

      Congrats on the job, BTW. Sounds like things are falling into place for you and Claire.

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