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  • Nick Arnett
    Jan 1, 2007
      Brin-L is receiving mail, but not sending it... The server is at Dave Land's house temporarily (while I relocate my home and office)... and we can thank SBC for blocking port 25 so that it seems to be all but impossible to have a home mail server.  It's an anti-spam measure, but their idea of turning it off is to allow individuals to send mail for one account... doesn't work for mailing lists.

      I'm also trying to get the list moved onto a hosting service, but their Mailman implementation seems to be broken.  (Like the plumbing in our new -- old -- house.)

      We should be back up within a couple or three days.

      In the meantime, you can post the usual way and read messages on the archive page (http://www.mccmedia.com/pipermail/brin-l/).


      Nick Arnett
      Messages: 408-904-7198