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92284Re: Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design

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  • Charlie Bell
    Sep 3, 2006
      On 02/09/2006, at 6:41 PM, Andrew Crystall wrote:

      > Further, ID has very little to do with belief that G-d created the
      > universe...

      ...apart from all the major ID spokespeople have said at various
      times that the designer is God, and a number of them are YECs who
      were convinced that pretending that there's a scientific way to
      discern the existence of God was the best way to further the
      creationist and dominionist agenda. ID has *everything* to do with
      belief that God created the universe.

      > I, as many Jews, believe that G-d created..evoloution, and
      > set in chain the process which lead to Man.

      This here is theistic evolution, not ID. Theistic evolution is
      indistinguishable from secular evolution at the level of science.
      It's only a matter of whether one is a believer in God or gods or
      not, not whether one thinks evolution happened or not.
      > Conflict? WHAT conflict?

      The conflict is between people who think science should be science
      and religion should be religion, and if you're religious you can
      understand God's universe by studying it, and those who think that
      studying it is anathema because we already know all the answers
      through revelation.


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