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92163Re: On scientology

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  • Alberto Monteiro
    Sep 1, 2006
      David Hobby wrote:
      >> How is a cult which ruins peoples lives a joke, a "joke" which makes
      >> its high council VERY rich and a "joke" which is one of the most
      >> dangerous cults in the world.
      > O.K., if it's purely a money making venture, why all
      > the wacky UFO doctrine? Seriously, with all that money,
      > L. Ron could have hired a GOOD writer, who would have
      > come up with something guaranteed to work better than
      > the Xenu volcano story! I'm going with "joke"...
      Did you read the previous messages? It's a joke that got
      out of control - probably because L.Ron had made so much
      money with this joke, that he thought it better to live
      with the money and let the next generations figure that out.

      Maybe he wrote some criptic message telling that it
      was a joke, but we will only know some decades after his

      IIRC, someone also mentioned that the Gor masterpiece was
      also a joke that got out of control.

      Alberto Monteiro

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