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82616Re: Pope dies at 84

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  • Medievalbk@aol.com
    Apr 2, 2005
      In a message dated 4/2/2005 3:14:52 P.M. US Mountain Standard Time,
      degges@... writes:

      > Someone tell me if coverage of the Final Four was interrupted.

      Well, I was seeing something about "Final Four Pregame" finishing sometime
      after I made the post, so that probably won't happen. :) But I'm
      wondering now if the commentators are going to be commenting on it.


      I only saw your post and the AOL screen after Hitchhiker's Guide part 1
      ended. I bought about 150 cookbooks this morning, so it's been enter enter enter
      this afternoon. And tapes are easier than finding interesting programing.

      Aint no Arizona, so I wasn't following the basketball.
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