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103125Re: Republican Cult

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  • Dave Land
    Sep 1, 2009


      The application of religious thinking where it is not warranted (we
      differ in that you think it is /never/ warranted, I don't. Oh,
      well...) leads to crazy outcomes. The most vocal parts of the
      Republican party are doing just that: they're applying the logic of
      "faith" where "knowledge" would be better applied.


      On Aug 31, 2009, at 10:57 AM, William T Goodall wrote:

      > http://progressivenation.us/2009/08/19/the-republican-party-is-turning-into-a-cult/
      > "Some thing strange has hap pened in Amer ica in the nine months
      > since Barack Obama was elected. It has best been sum ma rized by the
      > come dian Bill Maher: “The Democrats have moved to the right, and
      > the Republicans have moved to a men tal hospital.”"
      > [...]
      > "How do they train them selves to be so impervious to reality? It
      > begins, I sus pect, with religion. They are taught from a young age
      > that it is good to have “faith” — which is, by definition, a belief
      > with out any evi dence to back it up. You don’t have “faith” Aus
      > tralia exists, or fire burns: you have evidence. You only need
      > “faith” to believe the untrue or unprovable. Indeed, they are taught
      > that faith is the highest aspiration and most noble cause. Is it any
      > surprise this then percolates into their political views? Faith-
      > based think ing spreads and contaminates the rational."
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