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102258Re: Aliens 'may be living among us' undetected by science

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  • Alberto Vieira Ferreira Monteiro
    Mar 1, 2009
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      Deborah Harrell wrote:
      > And as I'm rereading _Glory Season_ by Himself (thought I'd give it another
      > go, as it was back in '95 that I read it first, and didn't like it much
      > compared to the Uplift series), it too deals with aliens - um,
      > non-genetically modified humans - 'invading' a world. Upon second go, it
      > is much more interesting to me; of course, it could be that I've matured a
      > bit in the past 1 1/2 decades, and am less easily unnervevd by certain
      > concepts...
      In _Glory Season_, the humans _are_ genetically modified.

      Alberto Monteiro

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