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101156RE: Obama and the 'Drug Killer'

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  • Andrew Crystall
    Nov 5, 2008
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      On 5 Nov 2008 at 10:58, Curtis Burisch wrote:

      > Andrew Crystall wrote:
      > >> > It seems to me that the free market does a poor job in this regard;
      > >>
      > >> It seems to me the government does a poor job in this regard. I don't
      > >> want a bunch of politicians deciding which drugs to spend my money on.
      > >> I'm perfectly capable of deciding for myself.
      > >Well, that narrows down your profession nicely, Dr. Williams.
      > Also wrote:
      > >Sorry Julia, but bullshit. It's precisely the same - attacking someone
      > >because they don't agree with your views. If religion, lack of religion,
      > >politics, creed, colour or whatever is used by the criminal as their
      > >excuse is quite, afaik, irrelevant.
      > Talk about confrontational behaviour, Andrew -- did you forget your coffee
      > this morning?

      Um, confrontational? I'm pretty happy right now actually. Something
      about a nation seeing sense in who they elected.

      Anyway... I'm not shy about speaking my mind, and I've been very
      clear on the issue of people allowing their predudice to dictate how
      they feel about events simply because the word "religion" is involved
      (There's a lot of people out there who just shut down their higher
      brain functions when its mentioned).

      Do I really need to give my standard spiel on tolerance on Brin-L?

      Poking Dr. Williams is just sport. I freely admit to troll baiting,
      with the "whatcha gonna do about it?" subscript. As I've said before,
      this community is waaay too tolerant of that sort of thing. I do it
      with people I find narrow minded and intollerant. If I was wrong to
      label them that I end up appologising pretty quickly. Ain't happened
      in a long time.


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