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101155RE: Obama and the 'Drug Killer'

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  • Curtis Burisch
    Nov 5, 2008
      Andrew Crystall wrote:

      >> > It seems to me that the free market does a poor job in this regard;
      >> It seems to me the government does a poor job in this regard. I don't
      >> want a bunch of politicians deciding which drugs to spend my money on.
      >> I'm perfectly capable of deciding for myself.

      >Well, that narrows down your profession nicely, Dr. Williams.

      Also wrote:

      >Sorry Julia, but bullshit. It's precisely the same - attacking someone
      >because they don't agree with your views. If religion, lack of religion,
      >politics, creed, colour or whatever is used by the criminal as their
      >excuse is quite, afaik, irrelevant.

      Talk about confrontational behaviour, Andrew -- did you forget your coffee
      this morning?

      Have another valium and try get some rest, huh?

      As for the militant Athiest -- he could just as easily have been Muslim or
      Christian. Basically, he's just a nutcase. His beliefs don't really come
      into it.


      Grumpy and tired Maru

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