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101128Re: Obama and the 'Drug Killer'

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  • John Williams
    Nov 4, 2008
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      On Mon, Nov 3, 2008 at 9:48 PM, Doug Pensinger <brighto@...> wrote:
      > What if there were government incentives/grants to develop the pharms?

      I don't want them doing that with my money!

      > It seems to me that the free market does a poor job in this regard;

      It seems to me the government does a poor job in this regard. I don't
      want a bunch of politicians deciding which drugs to spend my money on.
      I'm perfectly capable of deciding for myself.

      > There is a huge
      > disincentive to develop something like a cure for the cold because
      > over the counter remedies are a hugely profitable industry.

      Which is more than counter-balanced by the immense incentive of making
      a fortune by selling a cure, usurping all the profits from the various
      symptom alleviators. It seems more likely that people who talk about
      cures for the common cold don't really know what they are talking
      about and underestimate the complexity and difficulty of the
      situation, than that there is collusion to not develop such a drug in
      order to keep selling symptom alleviators.
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