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Re: [brightonmitre] Matt Farren's a 3rd Cat!

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  • Alan Newman
    Well done Matt! I hadn t realised vet races counted towards national rankings. I thought they were separate or something. ... www.sensibledevelopment.com -
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10, 2012
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      Well done Matt!

      I hadn't realised vet races counted towards national rankings. I
      thought they were separate or something.

      On 10 May 2012, at 22:35, lukefarren@... wrote:

      > Congratulations are in order for my big brother Matthew, who this
      > evening clinched his 3rd cat license with an impressive 2nd place at
      > the Surrey League handicap race at Ottershaw.
      > It was clear that the 3rd Cat group would be the dominant force in
      > the race with the numbers and the work ethic and caught the 4ths
      > after 2 laps of the 7 lap race. Mat recovered well and with 2 to go
      > took on the responsibility of pushing the pace at the front of the
      > group.
      > By the last lap there were only 5 riders left, and into the last
      > 400m a rider from Charlotteville cc timed his jump excellently to
      > surprise his fellow breakaway companions. I was busy fiddling with
      > my phone trying in vain to video the occasion when I happened to
      > look up and see Mat crossing the line 25m clear of the others on the
      > uphill rise to the finish. Result! The 9 or so Cat 2's came in a
      > nearly 2 minutes behind the remnants of the 3rds but were never
      > really in the race.
      > This followed a good 8th place at the 1st Dunsfold vets series last
      > night, giving him 11 points in total and enough for a Cat 3 license.
      > He's only been in the country 10 days and leaves again sunday - I'm
      > hoping he'll sneak into the Barcombe race on saturday!

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