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379Ice Damming & water damage on the ceiling and back wall

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  • Gina Passarella
    Dec 12, 2013
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      Good Evening,

      I reside in a condo that is the top floor.  Since I have lived here, I have had serious problems with ice damming and snow piling up on the roof.  It then backs up under the shingles and starts to unthaw inside the condo.  The gutters are completely frozen over with ice and snow.  I can look next door and there is none of this going on around their deck.  Fischer has been here several times and gives me several reasons as to why.  Every excuse, but not the one that puts the blame on the builder!  They did check the gutters and went up in to the attic.  They claim there is no mold or any other damage.  I find that a little hard to believe.  Although, they claim they fix it, I keep having the same issue year after year.  I have no doubt there is mold up there and the insulation is properly gone by now.  Not to mention the headache to get the walls repainted and get the water out of the ceiling and window area.  Any advice, would be welcomed. 

      If you or anyone you know lives on the top floor and is having the same issue, please contact me.  I am tired of this and tired of the builder getting away with it.  After having this happen over the last 4-5 years, I am about done.  

      Thank you, 

      Gina Passarella