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  • Gagsme08
    Nov 21, 2013
      Good Morning,
      I told a friend of mine I would pass along to our neighborhood group...
      If anyone one knows anything or can help please contact Dan his information is below.

      From: "WSM" <wsmsoccer@...>
      We were at a party on Saturday on Ruwes Oak when a car hit a car of someone at the function and took off. The house is almost at the top of the hill on the Wesselman side. The car that hit this car was traveling down the hill, and came all the way across to hit this vehicle parked on the other side (facing uphill), so probably drinking or texting. It was going fast enough that the car that got hit had to be towed. They believe it was a light colored or white car, pretty sure loud muffler, and will have damage more than likely driver side front.
      If you have any neighborhood type email list, can you please forward. Thanks.
      DAN   513.479.8029