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124BW and Rhode Island

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  • kevin_m_27804
    Sep 3, 2003
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      I saw the Beach Boys twice in RI...once at the old Narragansett Race
      Track in August, 1977, and again in June, 1978 at the Providence
      Civic Center. It was quite a thrill both times. Leo Sayer opened at
      the race track. They were late, arrived separately in five limos,
      and I later found out that they were about to break up (a Dennis
      quote from the H & V book). The crowd was so bored that there were
      guys that would eat crickets for a quarter to try to recoup the $8.50
      ticket price. In 1978, Brian was still pretty hefty and hairy, and
      he didin't look too healthy. I got close to the stage to take some
      pics, and I'd say his keyboard was unplugged. I also got a great pic
      of Dennis that is in a box in my attic (under all the other boxes).
      Mike Love, Charles Lloyd and Celebration opened. No promises, but
      I'll try to find them, scan them, and maybe post them. No promises,
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