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EXPATS IN BRASIL , our new FREE blog is 'online'

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  • Donald R
    Good morning, Well, the Labor Day weekend is over. For the last 30 days we have been building the basis for our new blog - EXPATS IN BRASIL. Our YAHOO groups
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      Good morning,
      Well, the Labor Day weekend is over. For the last 30 days we have been building the basis for our new blog - EXPATS IN BRASIL.

      Our YAHOO groups have been subjected to a rash of hacking and scam messages. These groups have really been going 'downhill' for some time. For years (since 1999) the objective has been to create a 'dialog' where members would discuss their objectives (reasons) for considering moving or immigrating to Brazil and those that had already made the move ... why, and what problems they encountered. 

      The blog or network AMERICANS LIVING IN BRAZIL was supposed to be a more modern or sofisticated way with a lot more information and news feeds ... but the service has become more and more expensive to maintain.

      Since 2005 we have been supported by the NGO/ONG ASSOCIATION ABTC-BRASIL - a non-profit organization registered in Brazil  dedicated to furthering the exchange of information among travelers, immigrants and promoting responsible travel and assisting sustainable family agriculture projects in Brazil and South America.

      Since the beginning I have been the President of the ONG, webmaster, and general news reporter. Two months ago I celebrated 75 years .... this last month I met with two members (one that has helped me considerably) and we came to several conclusions: 

      1.> Instead of so many groups (as on YAHOO), we need to analyse these groups and 'cut' those that are non-productive. For this reason we have started the new blog EXPATS IN BRASIL . It has the basic stories and documents about immigration to Brazil .... allows comments on each .... and has a forum for general discussions. Many more documents will be upgdated and imported from our groups and the blog AMERICANS LIVING IN BRAZIL. As we have many members from Europe and Asia the term AMERICANS is being dropped. Basically membership in the blog will continue to be FREE.

      2.> We are creating a new service (not really new as I have been doing this for years) - EXPATS IN BRASIL CONFIDENTIAL  - and this is for those that really need personalized service and help with the problems of immigration and filing their documents. For now we are accepting CHARTER MEMBERS for a discounted price of US$ 99.00 - one time priceThis will be increased (at least doubled) when the service in completely online.

      Loyal members that have previously donated or supported us .... they will automatically be accepted as 'grandfather' members.

      In addition, all members that join this service will also be LIFETIME members of the BRAZILIAN TRAVEL CLUB which allows them discounted VIP reservations on hotels, pousadas, tours, and even airfares. This service will continue to be furnished by my agency ANDETUR BRASIL LTDA. (since 1986 registered in Brazil).

      3.> I plan to personally concentrate on the agriculture school in Paraiba. The idea of this school goes along with project development for the individual students. The Brazilian government has a new program where the have set aside financing for Family Agriculture (R$ 500 billion) and is considered a priority along with tourism.

      Donations for the school will still be accepted using CHIP-IN .... 

      This next year my daughter Gabriela graduates from Texas A & M and plans to return to Brazil. She will have a degree in 'horticulture' and 'land management and design'. Hopefully the school will be ready to be able to provide her with a good job here in Brazil.


      We hope that our friends and serious members will stay with us and we look forward to seeing you on the blog. EXPATS IN BRASIL http://teambrasileiro.com 

      Donald Reid

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