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Some Particular Changes (proposed) will be in effect now

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  • Donald R
    AMERICANS (and other expats) LIVING IN BRAZIL This is for all of you people who are or are thinking about living in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 21, 2012
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      This is for all of you people who are or are thinking about living in Brazil.

      Good afternoon,

      BRAZILIAN TRAVEL CLUB - members and invitees ...

      Expected changes

      First, over the years, we have several 'paid up' permanent members of the club. These must be respected. Since 2000 we, as ANDETUR, have supported the club, its social and information sites, and the related costs to a tune of several thousands of dollars. Of course some of these costs were offset with paid in fees or donations from members, and now STAKE HOLDERS.

      We are way short of our projected budget for 2012 (23%) ..... 

      No need to say, the economy of the world has changed. In 2000, the US dollar equaled US$ 1.00 = R$ 1.00. This also changed over the years and at one time in this decade of the 2000s reached (or almost reached) US$ 1.00 = R$ 4.OO. At this writing the exchange rates is US$ 1.00 = R$ 1.82. The fact that dollar was king is history ... perhaps never to return. Brazil has changed. This little 'third world country', then known as 'a country of the future', is now the 5th economical strong country in the world. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! The 'future' has arrived.

      Our lives changed ... we got older and hopefully a bit wiser. This year I am 75 years old, and have worked and been a resident here since 1976. 1976 ... wow! 36 years.

      We depend on dozens of blogs, social sites and newsfeeds (Some in Portuguese which need to be translated before posting) for news of interest. Some of these also cost us. Many have RSS feeds that feed directly onto our main site.



      Americans Living in Brazil (since 1999) - Our original discussion group
      Brazilian Travel Club (since 1999)

      BrazilsJoint (since 1999) - to be restructured

      ANDETUR Group Management (Since 2000) - Investment discussions

      English Portuguese - (since 2002) - Practice and learn Portuguese


      FaceBook - (4,800 friends - as of 20 April, 2012)


      Note: We belong to over 103 other groups and social sites feeding news to us.


      Andetur's commercial sites are presently all offline to cut costs and are being completely redesigned. One of our members is a professional web designer and has volunteered to assist with this.

      We are also selecting new sub-administrators to assist with different sub-groups and forums on the network's main site.

      AMERICANS (and other expats) LIVING IN BRAZIL (a NING network)

      MANDALLA COMMUNITY (a NING network for family agriculture - In Portuguese) - This is a support site for our school

      Understand, on the NING networks), you may create an Album and upload photos, assist or upload videos, join existing sub-groups or suggest and create a new one, follow our projects, announce events in your area or invite friends to subscribe or join. We also are open to announcements of special activities of interest to members, travelers or residents. We also accept classified ads and advertisements.

      The NGO/ONG Association ABTC-BRASIL is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the exchange of information among travelers and promoting responsible travel and sustainable family agriculture in Brazil and South America.

      Of special interest is our BRAZILIAN JOBS sub-group with a constant feed of possible 'jobs' for expats. 

      We also have listed direct links to several trusted real estate brokers that can give honest opinions on the cost of living (and investing in Brazil).

      Have a nice weekend wherever you are.

      Donald Reid (in Jacumá)

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