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Amazonia - a nice site and up-to-date facts

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  • Donald Reid
    Amazonia is news. It concerns everyone. But it does not mean that the daily coverage reflects their international importance. It is the largest tropical
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      Amazonia is news. It concerns everyone. But it does not mean that the daily coverage reflects their international importance. It is the largest tropical forest, with its vast natural resources, its importance to the global ecological balance and in particular, it is full of conflicts that arouses from economic development, the Amazonia is part of the popular imagination and attracts the interest of society and international press. The demand for reliable and accurate information about the Amazon is enormous and crosses all barriers - political, physical, and languages. This demand is mainly generated by the 800 million internet users worldwide.

      But the information disseminated over Amazonia is in general: (1) second hand, that is, it does not come directly from the region, (2) with low quality or too fragmented, (3) it is neither analysed or interpreted, not placed in the local and temporal context and therefore difficult to understand and, (4) it is often interrupted (i.e. not continuously generated)

      O Eco Amazonia is an initiative of the Associação O Eco, in collaboration with the Avina Foundation, which through its Articulation of the Amazon Network (Red ARA) supports the dialogue between research and journalism.

      The primary goal of O Eco Amazonia is establishing a network of journalists, researchers and society leaders, members of all Amazonia countries - Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, French Guyana, Peru, Surinam and Venezuela. A network that contributes to match by using internet, the demand for reliable and up dated information about the environmental problems in Amazonia. By publishing those information simultaneously in Portuguese, Spanish and English, it will greatly increase the exchange between the readers and our collaborators.


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