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Re: Current Events in Brazil

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  • abueno97
    The Carandiru massacre is a scandal in Brazil. They re on trial, but it s one of those things you cannot do much about except protest, because it all depends
    Message 1 of 1401 , Dec 2, 2000
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      The Carandiru massacre is a scandal in Brazil.
      They're on trial, but it's one of those things you cannot
      do much about except protest, because it all depends
      on our Justice system - which, like elsewhere, is
      independent from the other powers - the Executive and the
      Legislative - and decides whatever it wants. <br><br>111
      prisoners were killed in the Carandiru prison and still
      no-one was condemned. You have to understand, though,
      that Justice is extremely slow in Brazil, making some
      cases last for more than a decade. One lawsuit in which
      I took part against an old employer of mine who
      didn't pay overtime took eight years to end. This
      inneficiency almost seems planned to make people not want to
      demand their rights in Justice. Or to forget whatever
      injustices happen.<br><br>But let me assure you of
      something: while human rights groups blast Brazil and its
      population as "ignorant monsters who know nothing about
      Justice and let these things happen to people", they say
      nothing of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and
      other international organisms that demand that Brazil
      cut its public expenses, among which social programs
      and money for our Justice system, in order to give
      the country a positive credit rating. <br><br>The IMF
      also demanded Brazil to privatize its
      telecommunications operators and other state-owned companies and
      open its economy to international trade. The money
      received with privatation would go to pay the debt and
      opening the economy was supposed to bring investment.
      What we're really seeing, though, is a rise in the
      country's external debt, instead of it going down after
      putting its companies to sell, and a large deficit in
      external transactions due to a rise of imports.<br><br>The
      IMF is an international organism slightly different
      from the UN. Not all countries have the same power of
      decision in it: those that contribute more to the IMF have
      more votes.<br><br>It is therefore the rich countries,
      rulled by big corporations, that dictate the policies
      the IMF should impose on poor countries, which
      obviously -and coincidentally - benefit them.<br><br>Andre
    • Eduardo Rocha
      add to msn eduardo@eduardorocha.com ok?
      Message 1401 of 1401 , Apr 30 8:48 PM
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        add to msn eduardo@... ok?

        On 30/04/05, vinni_77024_77024 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
        > Looking forward to meeting you when I go back to Rio. Stay in touch.
        > Ate' logo :)
        > --- In brazilsjoint@yahoogroups.com, Eduardo Rocha
        > <eduardo.rocha@g...> wrote:
        > > I take all day the ferry boat called "barcas". Its slow...
        > >
        > > But, have "aerobarcas" and "catamara", thats more fast :)))
        > >
        > > Niteroi is much more security if compared with Rio
        > >
        > > On 29/04/05, vinni_77024_77024 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
        > > > I have been to Niteroi a few times. The beach is very quiet there as
        > > > compared to Copacabana.
        > > >
        > > > What is the name of that air boat that takes you to Niteroi?
        > > >
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