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2. episode#15 The Election (synopsis)

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  • Vegi_head
    (continued from 1. episode#15 The Election) Maria and Sharon discover that her campaign posters in school hallways have been tampered with. In an
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2001
      (continued from 1. episode#15 The
      Election)<br><br>Maria and Sharon discover that her campaign posters in
      school hallways have been tampered with. In an obvious
      smear campaign, the posters were pasted over with old
      photos of Sharon eating a hot dog before she became a
      vegetarian. <br><br>Sharon: �I can�t believe this!� (reading
      one of the tampered posters)� �Vegetarian, yeah
      right!� �But I am one now! This picture was from
      before!�<br><br>Maria: �Yeah, Alden�s Summer Bash.� <br><br>Sharon: �Oh
      I can�t believe him. He�s making it look like I�m
      against everything I stand for! That I�m some kind of
      hypocrite!�<br><br>Maria: �Okay, calm down. Everyone has a
      past.�<br><br>Sharon: (tearing down the tampered posters) �Yeah, and
      everyone�s allowed to change their mind. I�ve been sticking
      to my new principles for months now. Does he even
      have any principles? That�s what I�d like to
      know!�<br><br>(Sharon thinks that Alden is behind the smear campaign
      against her because he is running the campaign of
      Sharon�s opponent, Brock. Sharon confronts Alden about the
      posters, but he denies knowing anything about
      it.)<br><br>Sharon: (holding up a poster in Alden�s face)� �This is
      getting really ugly.�<br><br>Alden: �Hey, I didn�t do
      this.� (chuckles)� �But you do look kinda cute eating
      that hot dog. Look, there�s a little mustard on your
      chin� See?�<br><br>Sharon: (angry)� �You think a little
      mustard is cute?! You think making me look like a
      meat-eater is funny?! What is your problem?! How could you
      be so� so mean to me?�<br><br>Alden: �Sharon, you�re
      taking it too personally.�<br><br>Sharon: �Do you think
      this is all a big joke? <br><br>Alden: �Look, if you
      can�t laugh at yourself��<br><br>Sharon: �Oh, I can
      laugh all right. Watch me laugh my way into the
      presidency no matter what you try to do to stop me! Ha, ha,
      ha! <br><br>(Sharon turns and walks away from
      Alden)<br><br>-----<br><br>(Following her opponent�s campaign speech in the school
      auditorium, Sharon goes on stage and speaks to the
      students)<br><br>Sharon: �I�m Sharon Spitz. I stand for choice. Whether
      it�s vegetarian options in the cafeteria, or the
      option to use recycling bins in every classroom. I
      believe in the student�s voice. Every student should be
      heard. And I�m going to listen.<br><br>(Sharon�s nemesis
      Nina tries to foil Sharon�s speech but it backfires
      and everyone discovers that it was Nina who was
      behind the smear campaign against her. Sharon continues
      to give her speech and the audience cheers. The
      election takes place and the winner is�)
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