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Interested in my trip to Spokane where I met Alicia? We were filmed together.

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  • Don Murphy
    I met Alicia in the library in Spokane. Neither one of us said a word to each other. Alicia almost started crying after all the BS that has gone on and how
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 29, 2008
      I met Alicia in the library in Spokane. Neither one of us said a
      word to each other. Alicia almost started crying after all the BS
      that has gone on and how we've never met. Other people (probably Al
      or Jim) are posting about this. They even filmed someone other than
      myself so they could say I didn't meet Alicia and lie about it. She
      was in costume as "The Boutique Lady." I wish I could describe how
      it is to look into a person and see the beauty of someone you know,
      but have never met. Anyway, I had a chance to do some detective work
      in Spokane. Please read below and come over to my Yahoo Photo
      Group! Thanks to Brace Face Mod!

      Uploading photos on leap day at Java Nation

      I'm at Java Nation (which is really coffee people, an Oregon shop)
      uploading photos. DeGuello has been able to successfully manipulate
      police and judges in Oregon while I was in Spokane to convince people
      that I do not own the laundromat. It has also been stated that I own
      the laundromat no matter what. The laundromat consists of several
      businesses made from my former employers and from Pat/Mike
      Richardson. These were all signed over to me when I was in jail and
      agreed to the out of court settlement that was offered to me by Mtv
      and Pat and Mike Richardson with my former employer Jan from Teufel's
      involved in this. Obviously company's like Chevrolet were not formed
      by Teufel's Nursery or made with Christopher Lopez' plan during my
      stay at Glisan Street. More businesses have been added to the
      laundromat since I agreed to the out of court settlement. This is
      due to people making them from money that belongs to me which I have
      not control over. None of the people involved in screwing me or in
      my false incarceration have been punished. The scenario "Too Wong
      Fu, Fuck You, Thank You, Thank Me!" Is what is going on with Pat
      Richardson, The Richardson family and other Mtv people. This is a
      big "Fuck You" from Mtv and the people who originally fucked me while
      I was in jail. They wanted money from my lawsuits and out of court
      settlement, they stole it and they conspired to kill me. Not only
      did they take hits out on me, they distributed DeGuello tokens
      amongst the people of Portland. So now that I am back from Spokane I
      am just bug ass insane for telling people about Andrew Matt Gordon,
      about "whitey"/Jeff, about Al's obsession with me, about DeGuello and
      Nielsen stealing millions of dollars from me, about monkeys, about
      the illegal activity of Paul from Payless for storage and illegal
      bugging devices, and about the illegal activity at the hospitals
      where I sought medical treatment.

      I am insane because Mtv, Dark Horse Comics people, DeGuello and my
      former employers, and the police of Washington County stole from me
      and tried to kill me. I am insane because Mtv deals cocaine in
      California and it is overlooked as "Mar-Gee" deals it thru legit
      businesses. All of the things I was investigating and trying to tell
      people are just my bug ass imagination as is my original diagnosis of
      mental illness. Al has done this to other people before. So has
      Jeff and David Otter. They just become insane. Now everyone in
      Oregon just does as they please without there being a real police
      force. The airport being taken over just proves how easy it is to do
      such a thing. It also proves that the WTC was plotted in America
      before the planes hit the buildings in my mind.

      Nielsen supposedly gets "Presidential treatment" for her crimes
      against me. She illegally withdrew money from a bank based on
      lawsuits on my behalf and distributed it downtown. I'm insane
      because this bitch gave away millions of dollars and no one gives a
      shit that it was my money, including all the lawyers in the world.
      Even Bill Clinton got a million dollar pay day from these people who
      are continually screwing me over.

      Legit businesses I own in the laundromat include Papa John's Pizza,
      Carl's Juniors, Kona Bike Company, New Seasons grocery, Trader Joe's,
      Indian Motorcycles (which was defunct and revived since my employment
      at Teufel's), Pac-Sun, Volcom, DC shoes, Pearl Izumi, Roxy,
      Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister, Helly Hanson, Vans (which became a
      part of this because of Mtv), Sunglass Hut, Haggen Grocery, Tully's
      Coffee, certain produce companies which are an integral part of the
      plan to smuggle illegal substances across the Mexican border for the
      laundromat (most of these are based under the Burnside Bridge. I
      researched these years ago on my bike in the Spiderman hey-day
      times. I am now resented and hated for my work to expose these
      businesses and the laundromat for what it is.), Hot Topic, Krispy
      Kreme doughnuts, Papa Murphy's Pizza, International Harvester (which
      was defunct as a 4x4 mfg.), Dark Horse Comics, Kitchen Sink Press,
      Little Caeser's Pizza (which went out of business and was revived by
      Jan herself), Star's Cabaret, Dante's Sinferno, Mezco toy company,
      Art Asylum, Entertainment Earth (which is connected to Universal
      Studios in California), Longbottom Tea, Godiva Chocolatier, Sam
      Goody, Big Town Hero Sandwiches, P.F. Changs Chinese restaurant,
      Sweet Tomatoes restaurant, 7-Up and RC Cola (based in Portland,
      Oregon), Jone's soft drinks, Great Jone's World (which is connected
      to Megaforce records and Mezco), Monster energy drink, Rock Star
      energy drink (someone was trying to ween me off Mountain Dew so there
      are several energy drink company's), Adio shoes (the symbol for these
      is half an infinity symbol or an infinity symbol that is unfinished.
      This is relative to Illuminati and the taking over of the world.
      Infinity is the endless cycle.), Conspiracy skateboards, Emily the
      Strange license (most products are sold at Hot Topic, but a comic
      book is being published by Dark Horse), Barnes and Noble book stores
      (Barn as in Animal Farm and Noble as in a Noble knight), Pro-
      Performance Bike Shops, Homestead Motel and suites ('back at the 'ol
      homestead' is something my father often said. Note the Dutch
      symbolism in the logo for these motels. I am Dutch.), Dutch Bros.
      Coffee, Norco Bikes (this company is unnecessary as I own other bike
      mfg.'s I believe it was American Chopper's idea as Universal Studios
      offered them an Iron Works business. This is more legal problems
      directly involved with American Chopper. They also built a
      motorcycle designed to kill me. It was knicknamed the pumpkin
      bomb.), Billy Heartbeats restaurant (this is a small burger joint
      that was formerly named Jamie's. I guess it's about love. I'm not
      impressed.), Old Navy and related clothing company's (Navy is a gay
      think and I believe this company was formed to piss me off. The joke
      was lost on me and did little, even though when it was first formed
      around 1996 it irritated me some.), Anchor Blue Jeans (about the same
      as Old Navy. It means A.B. or Aryan Brotherhood in code. There is
      an Anchor Blue store in Spokane's Northtown Mall. Most of the
      clothing is very similar to Pac-Sun. Avirex was supposed to be a
      skinhead clothing line as well. The logo is a flying A.), Avirex
      clothing, South Pole clothing, Michael's art supply (Michael is the
      name of my dead adopted brother. This is a floral arrangement store
      and art supply store. Michael died before I was born and adopted by
      my mother.), Famous Footwear, Tanya's Deli (Tanya is my cousin),
      Mister Peep's Adult Video Store, Moonstruck chocolate (which should
      just be Godiva, but is marketed differently. Same company.), Oni
      Press Publishing Company, Pabst Beer (acquired for the laundromat),
      Stella Artois Beer (which is really cheap beer with an fancy sounding
      name meaning 'Have a menage' a trois with Carlos Guerra's sister'
      who's name is Stella. This is based on an encounter I had with my
      next door neighbor's sister who decided to play a kissing game with
      me and her female cousin who was visiting. There are two other beers
      that go with this.), Fat Tire Ale (I ride a mountain bike. This was
      made for me.), and several other one off microbrews and old
      german/Canadian beers marketed with new names. These are cranked out
      and put on the shelf in Oregon. They'll never equal Widmere in
      quality. These are not all the businesses in the laundromat that I
      own, but you get the idea. These are my businesses. I agreed to an
      out of court settlement. These businesses became mine and already
      were. After contacting Susan D. Isaacs, Robin Wright, other Gevurtz
      & Menasche lawyers, Ethan Levi, Becky Blaney, Stoll Locktite, Gary
      Susak of Susak Dean & Powell, Stoel Rives, RideHalgh & Associates,
      Garland & Griffith, Nash & Greeley, and several law firms in Oregon
      all I could come up with were lawyers who were participating in the
      laundromat and the phoniness of Oregon law. None of them could
      simply give me the $500 million dollars from Mtv that I agreed on +
      my businesses signed over to me + restraining and stalking orders
      against Al, Jeff, David Otter, Andrew Lang, Christa Davis and others
      in their family. These people were participants in the psychic
      persecution of me. Phone calls to them were routed to Al's
      secretaries with these law firms awareness of the manipulation of the
      court system and law in Oregon by Al, Jeff and David Otter. This is
      why Sam Keith sat on a bench in a Washington County Courtroom as a
      judge with his fellow comic book artist Judge Rick Knapp. Judge
      Nachtigal too is a part of this. Al gave her her name which is "Gay"
      (her fake name is Gayle Nachtigal) "Nightingale." It's a gay singer
      or a queer singer. I believe this has something to do with being
      a "dirty bird" or a night nurse or a stool pidgeon. Sing on the
      witness stand.

      So I've listed several businesses here and posted that my situation
      hasn't much changed in Oregon. Of much importance is the use of
      hospitals and medical professionals in Spokane, Washington. Sacred
      Heart Hospital is the main hospital in Spokane. It has a helipad
      which is said to ice over. The pad is on the roof unlike Emmanuel
      hospital. It's very dangerous and ices over. Deaconess Hospital is
      very near Sacred Heart. It has clinics and other medical buildings.
      I do not have a lay out of this, but it covers a wide area in
      Spokane. SD Deacon is a construction company in Oregon. It's
      headquarters are on/near SW Moody/McCadam on the waterfront near the
      Old Spaghetti Factory in Portland. Deacon Construction Company
      headquarters are near three new skyscrapers in Portland built to
      mirror or look like the World Trade Center twin towers only there are
      three. So there is SD Deacon in Portland, Oregon and Deaconess
      Hospital in Spokane, Washington. That is Deacon and Deaconess.
      Based on the principles of the infinity symbol I see a fall of
      constructed buildings which dictates that things must be rebuilt the
      way the WTC required medical professionals, firetrucks, ambulances,
      and construction workers. The destruction of the WTC created jobs
      for construction workers and medical professionals. So there is a
      Deacon and a Deaconess. SD stands for South Dakota or the black
      hills. It's like Black Hills gold. Bikers go through these hills
      when they ride to Sturgis. A Black Deacon is a Satanist, hence the
      name Deacon Blackfire. Laugh at this if you will, but the WTC was
      destroyed and many people died.

      Yesterday I went into the Oakley Sunglass shop at Washington Square
      Mall. I spoke to a salesgirl there about Spokane's Deaconess
      Children's Eye Clinic. There was an incident in Hells Angel history
      where a hit was taken out on a woman. Springfield, Oregon for one
      and there have most likely been others. When a hit is taken out on
      someone and she or he must be killed in a house something must be
      done with her children. Children are witnesses. A weak stomach will
      not kill the children, for hit men and Hells Angels are human.
      Children must be taken somewhere and told stories or made to keep
      quiet about their parents being killed. Best to kidnap the children
      before the hit is carried out. This is what the ceramic squares and
      Deaconess Eye Clinic in Spokane are about. There are places
      like "The Little Red Schoolhouse" in Spokane set up specifically for
      blinding witnesses and shutting them up to Hells Angel illegal
      activities. You'll note the negotiation between Trevor and myself at
      the House Of Charity where he said "It's no sacrifice" over and over
      again. There is also a special "Adopt a Teddy Bear" shop in a mall
      in Spokane. This is all a part of takingchildren out of a house of
      adults that threaten Hells Angel and Mafia activity. Don't think the
      people that work for Sesame Street are innocent Christians who know
      nothing about the Organized Crime they are part of. This is about a
      hunger for cocaine and money to them, not to mention sex for some of
      them. They may be Christians, but they are an integral part of
      organized crime as it is connected to the Hells Angels and they know
      it. Hells Angel babysitters are stationed at Churches in Spokane
      where they can take care of children as mentioned above in the
      paragraph. Trevor himself is related to the old lady that played the
      Wicked Witch in the Wizard of Oz. This has protected him in the
      past. He has also had a relationship with Sesame Street and Muppet
      Show people even though he is a Hells Angel. The innocence of
      puppets on television hides the illegal and dastardly activities of
      the people who work them. Money and cocaine are at the core of
      this. The fire departments in Spokane and Deer Park are in on the
      illegal activity. They are eyes and ears and rescuers of victims or
      children. To have EMT's and firemen stationed to respond to calls
      means Hells Angels can get away with arson, hits designed to save
      children while killing other house occupants, or kill other people
      who are transported away from the scene of a hit by an ambulance or
      EMT. You'd have to have been in Spokane to know these things and see
      them. My pictures will be posted. I did not have a chance to
      explore the city at length, but I saw quite a bit and took several
      pictures. In Deer Park, which is near Spokane, there is a Black
      House with a horse ranch. It is near Frank and Darleen Carlon's
      land. Frank and Darleen Carlson are old friends of my parents. They
      collect cars. Frank had three or four Chevy NOMADS. A Nomad is like
      a station wagon with a '57 Chevy style sedan body. They were made
      around '56 thru '58. These old friends of my parents and their car
      collecting were and are an integral part of building organized crime
      in Spokane with the Hells Angels. The black house near their ranch
      is like an arson house or a burnt house. It is also reference to a
      black house as in a target of a Satanist.

      I'll explain this further as I post more photos. Please go to my
      photo group and join it and click on "Photos" to look at my
      pictures. I'll be posting photos of Spokane for the next few days.
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