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Re: Opinions on Characters

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  • badger_08757
    ... accepted ... I ... favorite ... dislike ... a ... the worst first date ever.period it was the one where sharon became a woman ... sort
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 24, 2005
      --- In bracefacealiciasilverstone@yahoogroups.com, "doesn't start
      with \"X\"" <golden_road15@h...> wrote:
      > Sharon: I like her. I like that she can have a best friend who
      > isn't a vegetarian like she is--my best friend in my first year of
      > college was a vegetarian, and I'm not. There was some lighthearted
      > teasing, and she probably secretly hoped I'd change, but she
      > that I eat meat. It's good that Sharon can have such strong
      > convictions... I really like her character.
      > Maria: I'm not really much like Maria. I'm quite unathletic, and
      > can actually sing ;). I like Maria, but she's not really my
      > character.
      > Alden: Well... err... I hope Sharon can do better than him. I'm
      > simply not a very big Alden fan. I guess wishy-washy is a good way
      > to describe him? I dunno'... seems one moment he loves Sharon, and
      > the next, he can't remember who the heck she is, or something....
      > Brock: I can kinda' feel sorry for him... just doesn't know how to
      > attract girls. Of course, neither have I ever been able too, but
      > it's more because I'm like Conner than Brock. He's funny... but
      > his "wit" may be a bit unsophisticated for the ladies ;)
      > Nina: I strongly suspect there's more to Nina's hatred of Sharon
      > than the doll thing. That may have started the whole rivaly, but I
      > suspect a lot more has happened between then and eighth grade...
      > either way, "Lorenza" is a favorite episode of mine, as it showed
      > what I'd figured before--Nina does have a soft spot that she just
      > hides well. The episode also showed that, perhaps someday in the
      > future, Nina and Sharon could be close. But not anytime soon,
      > probably.
      > Alyson: One of my two favorites. Even before "Triangles," I liked
      > Alyson a lot--Alyson seemed to like Sharon, or at least, not
      > her. The Period Episode (forgot the name) seemed to show this, and
      > few other times, it seemed Alyson could be nice when Nina wasn't
      > around. Heck, it seems Alyson's only dislike of Sharon was through
      > association by Nina. As it is now, it's good to see her and Sharon
      > on good terms, and nice to see Alyson and Conner together.
      "the worst first date ever.period" it was the one where sharon became
      a woman
      > Conner: The other of my two favorites, Conner reminds me of me,
      > of, minus the allergies. Save for tomatoes. He's a nerdish boy,
      > sure, like me. And his closest friends are girls, like me. He's
      > certainly cooler than Alden in my book!
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