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Re: vegetarians (a little OT, sorry!)

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  • katekintail
    Hi ppurcellclare, I m 21 and I ve only been a vegetarian for 3 years now. I found it difficult to be one in high school and before though I was
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 21, 2002
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      Hi ppurcellclare,<br><br>I'm 21 and I've only
      been a vegetarian for 3 years now. I found it
      difficult to be one in high school and before though I was
      interested in doing so- basically, it wasn't possible for me
      to select my dinner menu at home and I doubt I would
      have been a very healthy one then with my tight
      schedule- I could barely fit lunch into my high school
      schedule. <br><br>When I got to college, it was something I
      revisited in my second year, and I've stuck with it very
      lovingly for many reasons. My little sister is 15 now but
      a year ago she had the desire to be a vegetarian as
      well, but faced the same challenges of menus (having to
      buy extra food, etc.) and being a healthy one. Her
      idea of being veggie was to cut out meat and that's
      it. Things have changed since then, and she's
      realized that she needs to get the same nutrients other
      ways (like MorningStar Farms!) ANYWAY, a good way of
      doing it in her case was to cut out red meat and only
      eat chicken & eggs as far as meats. Then she could
      prove to my mother that she was being responsible
      enough, while Mom didn't have to buy a TON of extra stuff
      all the time. Plus, less animals hurt than before. My
      parents are pretty liberal so they're good with that
      until she gets older; they're very supportive of us
      both considering I have an Aunt and Uncle who are very
      unhealthy vegetarians. I actually had FAR fewer health
      problems and gained a little weight when I became a
      veggie.<br><br>Point being, sometimes it's not possible at some parts
      of your life and that's not your control. When the
      time is right to make the decision, you will be free &
      able to :-) I totally applaud you though! You rock!
      And I love that episode; it was very realistic and
      motivational- made my sister watch it. :-)<br><br>Take
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