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959Transcript of 5 episodes needed in English please (read more for info)

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  • mujeghan
    Dec 1, 2008

      I have the full series in English except for the following episodes:

      318 Act Your Age
      319 A Dog's Life
      320 The Domino Effect
      321 The Father Factor
      322 All About Sharon

      Even though I don't have the 5 episodes which were listed above in
      English I do have them in Polish. Unfortunately I cannot speak Polish
      and so I cannot make subtitles, though I might be able to if I had the
      English transcripts of the episodes. I'm planning to release the whole
      series via my new release group which is in the works but I would
      really love it if I could have the following 5 episodes listed
      somewhat in an English form. If there are no transcripts available
      perhaps if you know someone who can speak Polish or yourself can and
      also can translate the Polish dialogue into English please contact me.
      If not and you have the English audio for the 5 episodes listed please
      also contact me as I can mux it with the video. Thanks so much to
      anyone who can help!! Questions and comments can be emailed to me here:


      Thanks again!! :)
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