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935Downloadable Episodes from Season 2!

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  • Joey
    Apr 19, 2006
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      Hey everyone...

      I have all 15 episodes of Season 2 that aired in the US on ABC
      Family (minus "Grey Matters") (so that means 14 episodes) on tape! I
      can get the episodes on my computer. So the following episodes for
      anyone who wants. (Sorry I don't have the unaired Canadian episodes,
      I live in NY) Some episodes are taped from Disney Channel repeats
      and some episodes are taped from ABC Family when they were "new"

      -"The Social Fabric" (From ABC Family)
      -"14 Candles" (From Disney Channel)
      -"Working Girl" (From Disney Channel)
      -"Dear Alden" (From ABC Family)
      -"Mommy Nearest" (From ABC Family)
      -"The Friend Zone" (From ABC Family)
      -"Skin Deep" (From ABC Family-unedited)
      -"Vanity Fur" (From Disney Channel)
      -"The Coolest" (From Disney Channel)
      -"Triangles" (From ABC Family)
      -"Grey Matters" (Unavailable)
      -"Lorenza" (From Disney Channel)
      -"Second Thoughts" (From ABC Family)
      -"Home Alone" (From ABC Family)
      -"Miss Understanding" (From ABC Family")

      Just ask which episode and I'll send it to you (AOL Instant
      Messenger only)
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