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  • mhbowes11
    Hi everyone, Facebook: We have a Fan Page David Bachinsky (DNA project co-admin) and I have been posting to. As a Fan Page, no one can see who else has
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 26, 2011
      Hi everyone,


      We have a "Fan Page" David Bachinsky (DNA project co-admin) and I have been posting to. As a Fan Page, no one can see who else has "Liked" it. Behind that curtain I had an Admin Page needed to set up the Fan Page.

      I've been slow to learn Facebook and now see that the Admin Page (let's call it the Community Page) holds a different potential, where everyone interested in our surname study or their own research into our surnames can be more of a community, knowing of each other's common interest, helping each other out on the Wall; ie, instead of just seeing how many people have "Liked" the Fan Page, on the Community Page you can see *who* is involved.

      I'll use the study's Fan Page to post milestone news about the study, but we've started using the Community Page more like a normal FB page. This works well of course for brief communications, where the Yahoo! group is great for more in-depth explorations, but either works both ways.

      Facebook is much easier for me to post related items to because I can just "Share" postings that relate to our study by outfits that engage in family history and surname research.

      Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bowes-and-variants-One-Name-Study-and-DNA-Project/206495142707439?sk=info

      Community Page: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002330972913

      (Can anyone tell me how to have my Facebook posts automatically go to the project Twitter feed?)

      Other stuff:

      I've continued, as time allows, to centralize "project management" using Google Cloud. This includes a new email address dedicated to the project that many of you have seen me use (bowessurnames@...). I've been loading all my contacts over the years (over 100 so far, so you see all the untapped potential!) into Google Contacts there. They easily link to my emails with those contacts and there's ample room in the Contact note field to record notes. They are also assigned to group lists by country of origin, DNA participation, research outfits, guild contacts etc.

      There's a Documents section for storing docs and more. This includes admin type docs, family histories (email me yours if I don't have it so I can store it with the others), spreadsheets of Bowes (and variants) data extracted from records, research sources etc., all sorted by country.

      The Google Cloud home is designed both to make my admin activities and materials well integrated and separate from all my personal stuff, and to make it easy to transfer to new admin(s) in the future. I can just transfer the login info and everything will be there, including getting started instructions. I'm not planning to transfer anytime soon, just don't want everything on the computer and easily lost. You can see the Google Cloud profile here: https://profiles.google.com/108502789193198702614/about?hl=en

      Jeane's been working hard on a huge spreadsheet of Irish parish records (over 800 now!) and there are some other spreadsheets that are started or need doing. If you want to help collect surname data into spreadsheets for Ireland, England or any other country just contact me. The preferred method is for us to set it up in the Google Cloud, then I'd share the document with you for editing. This just helps keep all docs centralized and with current versions always on tap in a centralized location. I backup these docs (along with the Contacts etc.) weekly.

      I'd like to start up a document of volunteer researchers, so if you want to be on that, just let me know, and what type of research you can do and where (local libraries, archives, gravestones, spreadsheet development...)

      I have located someone through the Guild of One-Name Studies to help with a birth, marriage and death spreadsheet for England.

      It's been a busy year helping family with various things, and working hard to manage some musculoskeletal issues I have (very time consuming - need a lot of regular PT and exercise). I've been progressing on the study more slowly than I'd like and have a long to-do list, but little-by-little I'll get there.

      This next item helps me more than anyone else, but I finally set up an auto Welcome letter for new DNA participants so they'll get useful project and DNA related links from the get-go to help them get up and running.

      One thing I want to do soon is use the DNA Project Results public page to post all the patrilineal lineages of participants. I've had this information at my website in the DNA section but not kept up well with it. It really should be with the DNA project info at FTDNA.

      We're getting some new DNA participants lately (3 Ireland, 1 England) and the Family Finder database is getting off the ground a bit. Don't forget any donations you can make help me get more participants who will test but who don't have the funds to do so.

      Let's see, that's all I can think of for now. There may be more ...

      Cheers! Martha
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