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    I did look at some of the records there - at 5 euro a record it is expensive - and all 4 were wrong records - I think that is why I think about just hiring a
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      I did look at some of the records there – at 5 euro a record it is expensive – and all 4 were wrong records – I think that is why I think about just hiring a professional genealogist in Ireland to do some of the checking – but you are right – at this point I should probably just wait for the results – they say that will be 7 weeks after they receive it!  That is a long time!





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      Hi Helen.

      Glad you joined us here! Have you sleuthed around the Irish Genealogical Online Record
      Search System (ORS) by the Irish Family History Foundation yet? The link is under Links,
      Ireland category. It does cost to view the record info, unfortunately, but this is where I
      found my gr-gr-gr-grandfather's marriage record. You can use your dates to
      approximate which records are worth checking (paying for). I think I struck out three and
      got one for the marriage. If the parents are recorded, then you can use that info in the
      birth database to try and find a birth record. My marriage rec didn't show parents, but I
      found three possible birth records based on date and proximity to the marriage location.
      Nothing surefire there, but noteworthy for future reference.

      The link is: http://kilkenny.brsgenealogy.com . This is Kilkenny. Other counties are
      available now too, but some not yet.

      You might want to hold off paying for any records until the results come in and you can
      see if you match any counties currently represented.

      I think I'm as excited to see your results as you are!


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      > Hello - I am new to the group. I did a lot of research on our line
      > of Bowe from 1998 to 2002 and then sort of stopped. I am now back at
      > it! I ordered a DNA test kit for my brother today - Fred Bowe - that
      > will be a while before we have the results for that but it is
      > exciting. My great-great-great-grandfather was Will Bowe - he
      > married his first wife Florence "Flora" Urquhart in 1821 in
      > Nova Scotia. He had 5 children with her - she died in 1831. He
      > then "married" (probably a common law marriage because we can't
      > a record) a young girl - probably 14 or 15 years old - who had been
      > helping him care for Flora - named Sarah Johnson or Johnston and had
      > 14 more children with her. I am from the 8th child (the 3rd with the
      > second wife) William who was born in 1838 in Digby, Nova Scotia. No
      > one in the family has been able to find an immigration record for
      > Will Bowe. The family "legends" are various - mostly that the
      > was from Kilkenny,Ireland and that his father's name was Michael Bowe
      > and that his mother's name was Ann Catherine or Ann Christopher
      > Carroll. I have tried to find a marriage between a Michael Bowe and
      > an Ann but have not had any luck. The fifth child was Charles
      > Fairbanks and was born in 1830 in Digby and "was lost at sea"??
      > was also rumored that Will Bowe came to Nova Scotia with a cousin,
      > Timothy Bowe, who became a successful tailor in Halifax. I doubt
      > that any of this ties in with any of you...........but maybe when the
      > DNA test results comes back we will find that we are related!
      > Helen Bowe Maxwell

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