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9Re: [bowesvariantsdna] Re: Irish, Danish, or English?

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  • Allen Bowes
    Jan 2, 2009
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      Martha, a pleasure. Jeff

      --- On Fri, 2/1/09, mhbowes11 <mhbowes@...> wrote:
      From: mhbowes11 <mhbowes@...>
      Subject: [bowesvariantsdna] Re: Irish, Danish, or English?
      To: bowesvariantsdna@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Friday, 2 January, 2009, 3:50 PM

      It's always so fun and challenging to read your contributions! We have corresponded for some
      time via email and I apologize if I am bringing up some items that we may have hashed out
      before. Centralizing all the Bowes (and variants) related info will hopefully help
      (interpretations with sources, etc.). It may take me some time for me to reply again as I sift
      through everything and attend to other matters. So many facets to consider.

      Meanwhile, your information and interpretations help me improve the use of some Links and
      Files I post by helping me refine "editorial" comments below the titles to assist others in their
      interpretations of sources as they apply (or not) to the project. I will include *some* materials
      at the site that could be considered, let's say, not too academic, because they (or information
      they contain) are so heavily relied on by researchers, but hopefully put them in perspective in
      my comments. This way, hopefully, the same questions won't keep resurfacing (unless there
      is actually new information to add) if members get to know the growing body of resources
      and commentary here before posting. But if they do post re: topics already discussed, we can
      simply direct the inquirer to search the archives for prior discussion or to view editorial
      comments at particular links or files.

      More to come ...

      Thanks for your contributions! Martha

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