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47Re: Dazed and Confused

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  • mhbowes11
    Jan 6, 2009
      Consulting my admin page, your L21 results are due on the 12th. I hope they are helpful,
      but I fear that if you nail down your personal story I will lose you as such a fine contributor
      on all things Bowes! I can't expect you to want to continue researching matters related
      more widely to the Bowes surname if you identify your roots, but you certainly are helpful
      as long as you're involved!

      What's the connection between Dal Riada and O'Buadhaigh?

      Funny, I guess I never questioned that there existed an O'Buadhaigh, just whether or not
      any Bowes or variant lineages stem from that individual.

      --- In bowesvariantsdna@yahoogroups.com, "Jeff" <bowes2000@...> wrote:
      > We lack detailed data and as you say that may arise with time and
      > more participants, meanwhile efforts to clarify what knowledge we do
      > have is progressing I think. For my part it would seem that I may
      > have some association with R1bSTR26, although not confirmed by deep-
      > clade testing, my DYS values appear to lead in that direction. If so
      > this is interesting as that group is defined by an Irish-Scots
      > cluster that may well have historic connections with the Dal Riada.
      > This raises some fascinating questions, not least as to the origins
      > of my own family name. Should this be given any further gravitas it
      > may well support the possibility that there did indeed exist a
      > distinct name of O'Buadhaigh
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